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29 Unconventional Things Sami Abusaad Will Teach You at His Next LIVE Mentorship


We just opened registration for Sami Abusaad's next LIVE Mentorship program held October 21 - 25,  2019 in New York City.

This is your chance to:

  • Sit next to a top professional trader as he risks his own capital in front of your eyes
  • Learn 100+ patterns, tips, tricks, and hacks for making money in all market environments
  • Get his top trade ideas in real time so you can make money too!

Sami's June 2019 Mentorship in Chicago was a smash hit.

Here are some comments from attendees:

I made $8,890 on PVTL puts that only cost me $500 to buy. I also made $2,803 on GME puts that cost $500. This paid for the program and then some! Thank you Sami!
   -George from Chicago

It was a very interesting week, being with other traders. Although a lot of material was covered, Sami was very thorough and helpful explaining all the topics.
   -Dave from Ohio

My favorite thing about the Mentorship was sitting next to Sami and seeing how he trades.
I learned so much that I did not want the experience to end!

   -Marlene from Chicago

It was great experience. I truly enjoyed sitting next to a pro trader and copying his method. My favorite thing about the Mentorship was the Earnings Plays.
   -Mustafa from Indianapolis

I always wondered how Sami scans for stocks. When he showed us how he scans 1500 stock charts in 2 hours without special, high-tech software, I was convinced that he is a machine.
   -Edna from Chicago

Aside from the awesome material you learn, as traders we're always alone in front of a screen. It was an amazing experience to be in a room full of traders with the same goals and bouncing ideas off each other.
   -Jason from Los Angeles

In fact, these events are so fun, informative, and lucrative (yes, some attendees make a ton of money) that traders have traveled from Europe, South America, and the Middle East multiple times to work with Sami.

Here's a small sampling of what you'll learn how to do.

This is on top of trading live with Sami, where he shares his trades and thoughts on the action:

29. Profit from a specific class of news-driven gap that tell you a certain stock is “The One”

Yes, the news can tell you which stocks are the chosen ones.

28. Read the Level II screen like a pro so you can spot a favorable imbalance that works in your favor

Level II is useless most of the time... but there are times when it gives you an advantage.

27. React exactly the right way when a swing trade gaps big in your favor

You're long AAPL and it gaps up big - do you know exactly what do to next?

26. Understand the 2 times to break trade management rules

Rules are made to broken -- but only some of the time! Find out when Sami does it...

25. See why volume is underrated, except in two very specific situations

Sami doesn't care about volume, except in very rare situations.

24. Find stocks that will gap up in the direction of the trend after an earnings report

Yes, you can trade earnings. But only if you ignore the headlines and obsess over the chart.

23. See what a picture perfect pre-earnings short looks like

Do you know exactly when to bet against a stock pre-earnings.

22. Understand when to buy every dip like a darn fool

It may feel wrong to buy the dip - but sometimes it makes sense.

21. Learn the weird reason Sami uses PowerPoint to create his trading plan

PowerPoint has a unique function that can help "imprint" your trading plan into your brain.

20. Ignore your weaknesses and focus on your strengths

There are only so many things you can fix. But instead, forget about them and work on your strengths.

19. Know the only 4 ways stocks go climactic, and why you need to analyze them in two time frames

When stocks make big moves, you must know exactly how to break them down so you can jump on - or off.

18. Understand the exact profit level you need to hit before trading bigger size

There is a simple formula that will tell you when to scale up.

17. Take a lesson from Wal-Mart -- and completely change how you track your trades

Are you collecting your trade data the right way? You should do it the way Wal-Mart does.

16. See the ‘hidden’ stage of price cycles that Sami uses for 50% of his swing trades

We'll let you in on a secret: gaps are HUGE to Sami. Do you know exactly how to rate, analyze, and trade them?

15. Spot the 1 feature of an igniting gap that “tips you off” to something bigger

Once in a while, a gap signals a monumental move. Do you know how to spot it?

14. Scan for high-probability earnings plays the same “old school” way Sami does it

Sami is 100% pro technology - but sometimes it pays to go old school.

13. Skyrocket your productivity with just 4 hot keys, while eliminating order entry mistakes

If you are trading with a mouse, you are literally being left behind! You must become a master of your keyboard hot keys!

12. See the special function Sami assigns to the ‘Escape’ key

Believe it or not, the 'Escape' key is the most important one on Sami's keyboard

11. Learn how Sami alters his exit parameters based upon a stock’s liquidity

He doesn't just hit sell -- maximizing profit requires a little finesse!

10. Transform a pattern into an actual winning strategy (these are 2 very different things)

Anyone can read a chart? Can you turn one into cash?

9. Understand Sami’s “Bleed” pattern, which is his #1 short-term trading setup

If it bleeds... you can short it. This is how Sami does it.

8. Use a special type of software (It’s 100% free) to review your charts after your trading day

Easily the most efficient way to track your progress with charts.

7. Learn the most powerful setup for a volatile market -- a setup that works especially well on higher-priced stocks like AMZN and GOOGL

Do you like those high-priced tech stocks? Sami has a special recipe for trading them in a volatile market.

6. Understand why your trading is "in a mess," why you’re not aware of it, and why there is nothing wrong with it (because it can be fixed)

Even Sami's trading was "in a mess" at one time. Learn to turn things around.

5. Avoid the #1 attachment in life that will cause you to fail as a trader

It's the last thing you'd think -- and you need to eliminate it!

4. Stop the #1 activity that is draining your personal power as a trader

You need to change your mindset and behavior if you desire real money.

Now let's close out with the most important 3 things you'll learn:

3. Copy the truly annoying thing Sami does that gives him the mindset for trading success

In his personal life, Sami does one thing that tends to annoy some people... but the value it brings to his trading is worth it.

2. See how money is made in the real world, in real market conditions -- yes, you will watch Sami trade his own account in real time without a safety net.

Have you ever seen a real professional trader in action, with his own capital on the line? Now's the time.

1. Find out why most traders actually don’t want to be profitable -- and how YOU can actually get on the road to success

It's true: most traders are self-destructive. Don't be one of them! You can do better!

About Sami's Next Mentorship

Join Sami in New York, NY on October 21-25 for 5 full day of live, interactive training.

Yes, Sami is coming to New York to teach 15 traders the prized tips, tactics, techniques, and hacks that propelled his P&L into the stratosphere.

And yes, you get to see Sami Trade LIVE, in-person, without a safety net.

You can even trade your own account with Sami by your side. Some past attendees have even earned back their entire purchase price (and then some) in the 5 days. That's what we want you to achieve too!*

*no guarantees, obviously

How to Tell If the Mentorship Is Right For You

A 5-Day Live Mentorship Program is clearly not for all traders.

It is for traders serious about building up to a 6-figure income and beyond. 

Our team can help you figure out if it makes sense for your personal situation. 

If you would like a friendly one-on-one consultation with a Trading Counselor, please click on the grey bar below to open a submission form.

Our team can answer all your questions, including financing through Paypal.

You can also call us direct at 1-888-998-3548.

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What's Included

  • 5 full days of LIVE trading and education with Director of Education Sami Abusaad 
  • Held in New York, NY, October 1 - 25, 2019 (5 full days of action!)
  • Earn while you learn from a top pro trader, in real market conditions
  • Get Sami's 18 personal trading PDFs & presentations, and 5 spreadsheets covering everything from game planning to pre-trade checklists to risk management
  • Learn the psychology of a top pro trader that blazed in his own path by thinking differently
  • ($795 Value): BONUS 1: TPM® Home Study
  • ($900 Value): BONUS 2: 6 months Strategic Day Trader Room
  • ($1,170 Value): BONUS 3: 6 months Strategic Day Trader Room Coaching
  • Save an extra $1,000 with our exclusive launch rebate! 

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