74% of Surveyed Traders Bullish on NVDA in Our Latest Mystery Chart Challenge.


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Yesterday, we held our second Mystery Chart Challenge, which is our version of a classic blind taste test.

It's your job to analyze the chart without the influence of knowing the ticker.

Here's the chart we showed:

And as you can see in the title of this article, it's Nvidia (NVDA):


Only 2 respondents guessed it right, and a third was awfully close in guessing Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

And how do surveyed traders* feel about Nvidia, based on the blank chart alone?

*this is NOT some kind of scientific sample and we can't promise any statistical significance, so please take these numbers with a very large grain of salt

Very positive, as it turns out.

73.7% said they were bullish based on the chart along.

15.8% said they were bearish.

And 10.5% were in the middle!

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