Sami Abusaad: How I Made $72,867.08 During Earnings Season


In this special video, Sami Abuaad of the Strategic Swing Trader Program takes you through an Earnings Play in insurance company Maiden Holdings (MHLD).

This is a great example of just how lucrative trading during earnings season can be.

Just before the market close on Wednesday, MHLD showed an “awesome” Weekly Sell setup, and Sami went short at $8.40 into earnings.

The stock gapped down and Sami got out at $6.525 for a fast gain of 22%.

In real dollar terms, Sami made a profit of $5,449.09 — a nice paycheck for 30 minutes of work.

But this was just one of Sami's great trades this earnings season. Watch the video and get a look at Sami's actual account statements so you can see his $72,867.08 in total gains from this earnings season.

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Watch this video and see:

  • Sami's $72,867.08 in  total gains realized this earning season, which you can see in his actual online account statements
  • Why the MHLD daily chart showed a potential gap down after earnings
  • Sami's actual statements from his trading account this week
  • How Sami also made highly profitable trades in names like TripAdvisor (TRIP) Mallinckrodt (MNK), and Textainer Group (TGH)

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