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Your Chance to 
Start Game Planning Like a Top Pro
It's like learning the art of war from a General

Sami Abusaad is Lead Moderator of our award-winning T3 Live Black Room, and our most popular Trading Mentor.

You can't literally sit next to him at this trading workstation... but this is the next best thing.

The Nightly Game Plan with Sami Abusaad

Our clients love Sami's winning swing trade ideas.

But they keep asking 3 questions.

1) How exactly does Sami pick which stocks to trade?

2) How does he know which strategy to use?

3) And how can I use his process to boost my results?

That's why Sami created The Nightly Game Plan.

It's like standing next to a General in a War Room.

Or in trading terms, it's the next best thing to watching over Sami's shoulder as he works the charts to spot opportunities the competition misses.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after the market close, Sami's going to take you step-by-step through his entire game plan.

You'll know what he's doing, and why.

You'll actually see his trading screen as he breaks down the action and spots his next big swing trade.

Want to see how a pro gets ready for battle?

This is your chance!

You'll receive:
  • 1 hour of live video instruction from Sami every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:30 p.m. ET
  • An inside look at how a top pro trader creates his game plan
  • 2 ways to win: create your own game plan, or just use Sami's!
That means you can learn to:
  • Scan the market for highly profitable swing trade ideas
  • Quickly break the market action down so you can save time
  • Master Sami's top swing trade patterns and make them your own
  • Manage your positions for maximum reward:risk
  • Document and analyze your trades to speed up your progress
Plus, these 4 Bonuses Are All Yours...

BONUS #1 - Sami's Elite Swing Trading Guide (VALUE: $295)

This 199-page book will teach you Sami's most consistently profitable swing trading patterns and strategies

BONUS #2 - Sami's Elite Swing Trading Video (VALUE: $100)

Get an in-depth video breakdown of Sami's complete swing trading strategy

BONUS #3 - Sami's Custom Swing Trading Spreadsheet (VALUE: $100)

Track and analyze your trades with Sami's custom-build spreadsheet

BONUS #4 - Sami's #1 Secret Swing Trading Pattern (PRICELESS!)

In 2010, Sami discovered a unique swing trading pattern that changed the way he trade.

In his own words: "it's the most important discovery of my trading career."

And it's all yours!

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Sami Abusaad is the Lead Moderator of the T3 Live Black Room and manager of a private hedge fund.

He specializes in trading Gap, Climactic, and Reversal stock plays, and is proficient at trading Swing and Day Trading strategies.

Sami is a Summa Cum Laude graduate with a B.S.E in Accounting from St. Mary’s College of California. After graduating, he worked for a Big Four CPA Firm as a Senior Auditor.

Sami joined T3 in 2007 and became an expert in all of our strategies while successfully trading his own account. His approach to trading is made up of two main components: understanding trader psychology as well as the factors behind price movements.

Sami believes that consistent trading success is attained only after one is able to grasp these two vital components, and properly apply the trading and investing method we've used 1994.

Sami Abusaad
Lead Moderator, 
T3 Live Black Room
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