How Sami Abusaad Spotted a Major Bottom in ENDP


In this special video, Sami Abusaad, Director of our Nightly Game Plan program walks you through a trade in fast-moving biotech stock Endo International (ENDP).

ENDP dropped about 50% in 3 weeks, providing Sami with an opportunity to go long with his proprietary Climactic Buy Setup.

This swing trade returned a profit of over $1,570 in under 3 days, giving you an important lesson: when everyone's trying to get out, it may be time to get in. (click here for an explanation of how we calculate profits and losses)

But that's easier said than done.

So Sami's going to walk you through the trade step by step so you can understand exactly how he spotted a near-term bottom in this stock.

Watch the video below and you'll learn:

  • How Sami used volume to spot capitulation
  • Parameters for risk-reward and trade management
  • Fear, greed, and how they helped Sami trigger the trade
  • Why Sami went long at $7.93
  • How his targets of $8.75 and $9.50 were selected

Here's the video:

Click here to learn more about Sami's Nightly Game Plan.

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