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Sami Abusaad’s Trade of the Week: BUFF


In this special video, T3 Live Black Room Moderator Sami Abusaad walks you through a trade in fast-moving momentum name Blue Buffalo Pet Products (BUFF).

On August 9, BUFF exploded higher on earnings, which opened the door for Sami to step in and take a day trade using a proprietary 60-minute Buy Setup.

This trade returned $2,288 in profit in 90 minutes, or about half of his total trading profit for the day — pretty nice!

In the video below, Sami’s going to walk you through the trade from start to finish so you can understand:

  • Why a pro gap opened the door for the trade
  • How Sami identified where buying interest could come in
  • The entry off the 15-minute chart
  • The power of simple bar-by-bar trade management
  • The moving averages Sami used to place his 2 targets

Here’s the video:

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