Sami Abusaad: Why You Need to Know the Only 4 Stages of Market Movement


If you want to be an expert swing trader, then you have to understand the Foundation of stock movement, broken down into 4 clear stages:

  1. Ambivalence
  2. Greed
  3. Indecision
  4. Fear

In our latest swing trading tutorial (scroll down to see it), T3 Live's Director of Education Sami Abusaad breaks down each of these 4 stages so you can understand The Foundation — or the entire life cycle — of price movement.

Most traders are not even aware these stages exist.

But once you understand how they work, you'll start viewing the market action through a clear new prism. You'll see how greed and fear show their hands through price and trend action.

So watch this video today and learn:

  • Which market stage offer the highest reward relative to risk
  • How to pick the best stocks for swing trading
  • The single most important trading picture you may ever see
  • Why Sami doesn't try to buy at the exact bottom and sell at the exact top
  • The right time to start putting on buy setups
  • What to do when a stock goes climactic to the upside
  • What to do when a stock goes climactic to the downside
  • The danger of the “Fear of Missing Out”
  • Why you can't wait to be 100% sure to get in
  • The type of behavior that leads to climactic tops

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