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Why SPY Could Hit New All-Time Highs

It was tough to see this one coming.

After reversing to finish on the lows Wednesday, SPY gapped up Thursday morning. And following a small, quick pullback, it took off running higher straight through into the afternoon.

It reclaimed the 20 day sma (234.71) — barely even pausing — and continued up above the 50 day sma (235.46). It settled into a relatively tight range above the 50 day sma for most of the afternoon but dropped right before the bell to finish a few cents underneath it. The move as on above average volume.

So a week of bearish action was wiped out in one face-ripping rally. Reclaiming the moving averages was a big positive for the bulls.


How the 3-Bar Rule Can Help You Deal With Failed Setups

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That said, not all trades work. No pattern makes money 100% of the time, and the failures must be watched for 3 reasons:

1) To see and capitalize on a “new opportunity” when a pattern fails but immediately sets up again

2) To know how best to manage a position before it fails by evaluating the charts objectively.

3) To help you in disaster management mode in the event you are in a position that has failed.


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Quant Edge Training: A New Way to Read Charts

4 Charts You Need to See

The market’s been stalling since the 3/1 gap up on Trump’s speech.

And lately, we’ve been seeing weakness in the banks, even the ones reporting good earnings, which has traders worried about more downside.

I discussed some of the key players like Bank of America (BAC) and Goldman Sachs (GS) this afternoon on CNBC’s Fast Money:

So let’s take a step back and take a look at 4 key charts to get an idea of where we stand.

1) S&P Financial Sector ETF (XLF)

I actually also appeared on Fast Money on March 22 to discuss XLF, which had lost momentum by breaking the 8 & 21 day moving averages.

You can see the March 22 segment here:


Trader Training | 9 Tips for Picking the Right Stocks for Swing Trading

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Scott Redler: Market Thoughts Ahead of the French Election

It’s been a very choppy week.

I wish I had more commitment to a direction, but I just don’t.

Technicals are very mixed. The Oscillator is neutral, not oversold or overbought. SPX is almost smack in the middle of the range from the 2400 high to the 2322 low.

We are close to reclaiming all the moving averages, but there’s no real conviction. Tech still shows relative strength.

Small caps and banks had a bounce off recent support, but I’m not sure if they are out of the woods. Bios are still hanging in, but no one is paying up. XLE is still broken

Read Scott's Game Plan for Next Week == >>

Scott Redler

Watch the Video Today | Duration 30:15

PODCAST | T3 CEO Sean Hendelman Discusses the Future of Automated Trading

On March 15, 2017, Sean Hendelman, CEO and co-founder of T3 Live and T3 Trading Group, appeared on the Chat With Traders podcast hosted by Aaron Fifield.

In this special interview, Sean discusses:

  • How he got started as an investor
  • Important lessons he learned from losing money
  • How the automated trading space is evolving
  • The challenges of latency-sensitive strategies
  • The structure of T3 Companies

Jeff Cooper: The Bonfire of the Equities?

In this today’s report, I couldn’t help but wonder whether investors/traders are giving short shrift to the idea of a big market event in the event of a Le Pen victory in France.

After all, selling volatility and not buying insurance seems the smart move a la Brexit and the US election. Right?
Maybe the very buying of insurance for those ‘non-events’ was one of the reflexive factors that perpetuated the rally phases following Brexit and the Trump Victory.

Just because the house doesn’t burn down, you don’t cancel the fire insurance do you?

I can’t help but wonder whether ‘wise guys’ are selling volatility here and that the 3rd time may be a charm for bears.
History doesn’t always repeat of course, but we can learn a lot from it.


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