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Scott Redler’s Dog Bytes: Facing Facebook


SPY closed on the lows last week below the 8/21 day which had me taking risk down. If sellers want to keep some active control, they need to reject the price into the $448.75-$449.50 area. That is the range you need to watch today, so keep it on your radar.

Now let's dig into some key names, starting with a big one:

FB seemed the strongest on Friday and if the market hangs in, it might be a focus to clear the $384.33 pivot to make new all-time highs. GS upgraded it this morning. This name has been very good to us. If tech gets sold, use $380.50 as upper support.

AAPL: there’s lots of debate on the ramifications of the Epic verdict. The stock broke $153.95 and the $151.29 pivot to flush some active longs out. We'll see if it was an over reaction. It's bouncing back a bit this morning. If sellers want to keep some control, I'd think they reject price into the $151.29 area. Also, if this goes from green to red, it might bring out sellers in tech.

AMZN had a nice move after clearing the descending channel around $3240 to peak at $3549. I sold puts twice to get synthetically long which was nicely profitable. Today, see if it clears $3482 or gets rejected. That will tell us a lot about sentiment in tech. It's holding up better than most names, so I'll try to get long again if the market holds in.

RBLX was a nice trade for us last week. I bought it around $84 and it hit $90+. I still have some on. Now it needs to hold the $85.30 area.

Positions Disclosure as of 9/13/2021 at 8:05 a.m. ET