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How to Write a Trading Plan (for serious traders only)

If you fail to play, you are planning to fail.

It's a cliché, but it's 100% true.

In this hard-hitting, in-depth lesson — previously only taught at his LIVE Mentorships, Sami Abusaad shows you how to write your own trading plan:

In this webinar replay, Sami will show you:

  • What RadioShack (RSH) taught him about trading
  • Why most people don't understand their own psychology
  • How your trading strategy should relate to your personality
  • What kind of strategies you should choose
  • Why you don't need a perfect trading plan to get started
  • The reason most people are afraid to get started
  • His actual personal trading plan with all the details
  • Sami's trading principles that he reads to himself over and over again

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