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Was Sami Wrong?

Big news! Sami might have gotten the market wrong for the first time in 2019!

He went to all-out cash before the market reversed hard to the upside on Thursday and Friday.

In this week's swing trade game plan, Sami explains:

  • What could get him long again this week
  • Why he's still looking for some selling
  • What he'll do if we reverse Thursday and Friday's green bars
  • Why ACHN, CARS, EXPR, and others are on the buy list
  • Why CLVS, PACB, and XOG are on the sell list
  • How to get the plays Sami will actually take Monday morning (click here…)

This is a great example of considering where you may have gone wrong, and implementing a plan for recovery.

It's okay to be wrong. It's a sin to stay wrong, fighting a trend that goes against you.