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The Moves That Made Sami Get On the Mic Early

Sami Abusaad is excited. 

So excited, he had to record early because he couldn't wait to discuss the trades on the table.

First up is Bitcoin. You saw its crazy climactic run last week, and got Sami’s take on how to play it. 

Once he catches you up on how the rest of the week played out, Sami builds on the past with a look into the eye -popping future of Bitcoin. 

Even better, he clues you in on why he’s close to doubling down on his position size. Bonus: If you want an even deeper look into Bitcoin, check out Sami’s dedicated video here.

From there, Sami moves to the his most bullish plays for this upcoming week. QQQ hit all time highs, showing great market strength, but Sami is voicing caution. There’s a number the Qs must not dip below if there's any hope of higher highs. You’ll need to keep a close eye here if you’re thinking of taking any trades.

Plus, Sami’s got a list of long term ideas he’s bullish on, and a few names he’s excited to trade. Tune in to see if any inspire you to buy in.