Can Apple Stay Special and Go Again?


Apple (AAPL) has been great to the Redler All-Access community. It gave us time to buy after earnings and hit a high of $208.74 on Friday. 

Now, it would be good to sit over $205.48 for a session or so to create a flag-type pattern. That could keep it special to possibly go again.

Amazon (AMZN) didn't have enough power to hold and go after earnings. If the market is going to be strong, it will need leaders like this one. To act special and help things, it needs to hold $1801 and perhaps $1841. Above $1841 could bring momentum back.

Google (GOOGL) was a great options/earnings play. It put in a high at $1292 before tech came under pressure.

If it can hold $1229ish, perhaps it gets tight enough to clear $1246-$1253 to get back in play. But it will need big volume.