Are you too busy trying to be right to make any money… Once you understand, and USE this lesson, everything changes.

If you're like me, you word hard. Every day you scan hundreds of charts looking for money, and looking for the clues you missed. Clues that would have indicated “hold this trade longer,” “don't take this trade,” that type of stuff.

You believe if you find the answer THEN you will be profitable. I have news for you, I did that for years, and never found it.

But I DID stumble into how to fix my inconsistency. It was practically an accident. I wanted to build a list of stocks to scan, my software required me to add shares to the portfolio, so I gave all 100 stocks 100 shares.

Every day I logged in and scanned for ideas, completely ignoring the actual portfolio because I was only looking for setups.

One day I noticed the portfolio was profitable. There were A LOT of losing trades, but the aggregate was profitable. I sat up and said, “huh, that's interesting.”

Normally I would find a few stocks to trade. If they met my criteria I would cherry -pick which ones I believed would be good trades.

After my discovery, I tried something different, I traded every stock in my list, for 100 shares, with real money. When I got a signal, I entered without hesitating.

No second-guessing, just enter them all.

A funny thing happened. When I released myself from “being right,” and just let my edge do the work, trading became more profitable, AND LESS STRESSFUL.

That was the day everything changed.

 Trading became fun again, and I finally felt like I could do this for a living. I no longer I felt like an impostor.

Now I had control. The more trades I made, the more I earned. I was allowing my strategy to do the heavy lifting.

Making this work of course, requires good trades, high-probability ideas. Now that you know HOW to fix broken trading, I'd like to ask you to give us 30 days.

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