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Veteran trader Joseph Conti is one of the original SOES Bandits. One of the earliest NASDAQ traders capitalizing on the small order execution system and routinely traded millions of shares per day.

Joseph also managed over 500 proprietary traders from the mid 1990's through the mid 2000's. He has witnessed the highs and lows of trading for more than 2 decades, his stories and insights will surely shorten your learning curve.

Former floor trader in Chicago, Rob Smith has dedicated his life to mastering a quantified edge. Sounds fancy, but it means you never make a decision without a good reason. A repeatable reason.

Defining your edge is where consistency is borne. Plan to be blown away by Rob's Quant Edge presentation.

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Traders Digest: The 10 Stories We're Reading Right Now

From the Desk of Micheal Comeau… Wonder what traders are talking about today?

We’re here with the top 10 stories we’re sharing with colleagues today, covering topics like:

  • Why traders are betting big on the QQQ ETF
  • Tuesday’s mega-rally in gold, which could be a sign of things to come
  • The mysterious world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

And more!

So check out these links right now and get up to speed:

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Jeff Cooper: Why the Gold Explosion May Boom BIgger

The precious metals miners were the big story on Tuesday.

And I think it’s the beginning of a bigger move. The upthrust didn’t take us by surprise since the Daily Market Report has been positioned long in GDXJ, FNV and PAAS for the past week.

What was surprising was the persistent trend day that wouldn’t pull back to allow players on. For the last week, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and Tweets asking how I could be bullish on the miners when they were lagging gold itself.

My answer was that there may have been some month-end cross currents dragging the miners down.

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