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True Story:
Environmental Protection Agency
Delivers Profits to Mark Melnick
On January 12, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) violated the Clear Air Act.

And Mark's trading room community was ready. 

Beforehand, Mark said market-moving news was on the way. 

And when the EPA notice hit, he rapidly identified the best FCAU options to play... just as the stock fell to $9.12 from $11+.

But Mark's no one-trick pony. He doesn't just sit around waiting for magic headlines.  

His unique skills include:
  • Combining technical and fundamental analysis to find the most profitable news plays
  • Sniffing out short squeezes
  • Gaming analyst upgrades and downgrades
  • Playing post-earnings reversals
  • Detecting and profiting from algo/HFT/black box activity
The problem with too much information...
The Internet has done wonderful things for investors.

It's pushed down trading costs.

It's helped us form communities.

And it's given us unlimited access to information.

Analyst upgrades... political news... M&A rumors... FDA decisions... it goes on and on.

But there's a dark side that social media 'gurus' and clickbait 'journalists' will never admit to...

All this information is deadly. It can destroy you.


1) There's way too much of it

2) 99% of it doesn't matter

3) A lot of it is fake

If you're ever feeling uncertain, or unsure of yourself when dealing with the nonstop avalanche of news, you're completely normal!

Even the most advanced professional traders feel overwhelmed! 

So how can you cut through the noise?

How can you cut through the billions of news stories, blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, and rumors thrown at us every single day?

How can you find those unique golden nuggets of information -- like the EPA news we talked about above -- that can pay us cold hard cash?
The Intersection of News, Fundamentals, and Technicals
18-year veteran pro trader Mark Melnick views the market through a unique lens.

Mark has a wide network of unique resources that gives him instant access to powerful, market-moving news.

But that's not what sets him apart.

Mark has the time, energy, and experience to put it all in perspective.

He has a deep understanding of technical and fundamental analysis. 

He has mastered trading psychology.

Most traders are playing checkers.

But Mark is playing high-speed chess. 

He can rapidly analyze the news, place it within his analysis framework, and then make a buy or sell decision.

That's how he delivers home runs like the Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) trade you just read about.
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About Mark Melnick

Mark Melnick has been a professional day and swing trader since 1999, when he was a 19-year old college student at St. John’s University.

Mark is the author of the classic trading book Scalping for a Living, and has trained thousands of traders in the art and science of exploiting volatility for profit. Mark was initially lured in by the promise of financial independence during the dot-com boom.

However, he achieved sub-par results until he discovered the most important element in trading success: the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. 

In his quest for trading consistency, Mark developed mastery of technical and fundamental analysis, algorithmic trading, market psychology, and real-time news breakdowns.

He has deep experience with equities, options, ETF's, and currencies, and enjoys teaching traders his unique brand of news-driven active trading.

Mark Melnick

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