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  • 4 Weeks of Online Coaching With Rob Smith
  • 1 month of access to Rob's Quant Edge Trading Room
  • Mastery of a system that will change the way you trade

In 2007, the New York Stock Exchange launched the hybrid trading system and everything changed. 

Technical analysis became the new Sony Walkman.

Chart reading isn’t dead, but technical analysis is flawed. 

Making decisions based on the past doesn’t work anymore. 

Most traders have recognized the change, but few know what to do about it.

Rob Smith
Creator of the Quant Edge Trading System
Do You Face Any of These Trading Challenges?
  • You trade on emotion
  • You "revenge trade" (trying to make money back after losing it)
  • You have inconsistent results
  • You aren't as confident as you want to be
  • You are not making progress
  • You are still looking for your trading personality
If you can relate to any of these issues, you're not along... and you may be a good candidate to learn the Quant Edge Trading System may be right for you.
What Makes the Quant Edge System Different

Rob Smith developed the Quant Edge Trading System to give you a simple, 3-point method for judging all price action.

Don't waste your time -- and money -- trading on unproven, confusing indicators.

Master the 3 principle of Rob's Quant Edge System, and you'll start seeing price action with perfect clarity:

1) Time Frame Continuity - reveals the direction you should be trading in

2) Actionable Signals - explains why you can expect price to move 

3) Broadening Formations - get you out before the reversal happens 

Learn these 3 principles, and you will finally see the market with fresh eyes.

You'll feel like you cleaned an inch of dirt off your windshield.

What This System Does

Markets are moved by the large institutional buyers, who have trillions of dollars in buying power.

The Quant Edge system can help you "surf" that wave. 


By giving you a complete, easy-to-learn methodology for tracking the footprints of the major players.

The big money buyers are the real drivers of accumulation and distribution.

And once you start tracking their footprints with the Quant Edge system, everything changes:

1) You can stop wasting your money following confusing, conflicting indicators. 

2) You can stop wasting your time trying to learn unproven systems. 

And best of all: 

3) You can start making high-probability trades with confidence

Remember, the Quant Edge System breaks down all price action into 3 specific steps:

1) Time Frame Continuity - get your directional bias 

2) Actionable Signals - know why price is going to move   

3) Broadening Formations - get out before the reversal happens

Moving averages, sentiment indicators, and plain old trend lines can only tell you where price has been.

The Quant Edge System doesn't stop there. 

It tells you where price is going.

That means you can take action BEFORE the big moves.

And you can get out at the right time.

A One of a Kind Opportunity

This all-new Coaching Program will be held on Wednesdays and Friday at 5:00 p.m. ET for 4 weeks. The Program concludes on a Friday. 

Each week, you'll watch a new set of carefully-prepared videos.

On Wednesdays, Rob will conduct live coaching sessions to complement that week's videos.

And on Fridays, Rob will host live Q&As session to solidify the concepts.

Here's your course schedule:

Week 1: Actionable Signals

Monday: Week 1 Videos Released

Wednesday: Live Coaching 

Friday: Live Q&A

Week 2: Time Frame Continuity

Monday: Week 2 Videos Released

Wednesday: Live Coaching 

Friday: Live Q&A 

Week 3: Broadening Formations

Monday: Week 3 Videos Released

Wednesday: Live Coaching 

Friday: Live Q&A 

Week 4: Execution & Risk Management

Monday: Week 2 Videos Released

Wednesday: Live Coaching  

Friday: Live Q&A

You'll Master All of These Easy-to-Learn Concepts:
  • Time Frame Continuity, which reveals the direction you should be trading in
  • Actionable Signals, which explain why you can expect price to move  
  • Broadening Formations, which get you out before the reversal happens
  • Learn which stocks and sectors you should be trading
  • See what you should be avoiding
  • Spot the movements of the big money that moves the market  
  • Analyze candlesticks to improve your reward:risk 
  • Break down time frames to identify trading opportunities 
  • Establish target prices with high accuracy 
  • Increase your probability of being on the right side of trades 
  • Game plan to identify buying and shorting opportunities 
  • Get an edge for new trading opportunities 
  • Use entry signals to reduce risk
  • And more!
A Unique Learning Opportunity

By joining the Quant Edge 4-Week Coaching Program, you'll receive some significant bonuses.

You'll get 1 month of access to Rob's Quant Edge Trading Room, a value of $195.

That means you'll trade LIVE with Rob for an entire month. 

Plus, you'll get Rob's daily videos, his Actionable Signals spreadsheet, and weekly game plan.

And of course, you'll receive 4 weeks of in-depth trading education - a value of $1,995

That's a total program value of $2,190.

And if you sign up by June 16th, you'll save 25%!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need advanced math skills to learn the system?

No. Rob has broken the Quant Edge system into simple, easy-to-digest concepts that any trader can understand.

Q: If I learn this system, do I have to throw out everything else I know?

Absolutely not. 

One day you may find yourself trading exclusively using the Quant Edge system, but we recommend gradually integrating Rob's concepts into your own trading workflow.

Q: Does Rob use moving averages, Fibonacci's, and other indicators?

Rob does not use indicators, since they can only tell you about price action. They can't tell you where price is going.

Q: Is this system only for professional traders?

The Quant Edge system is used today by a mix of professional and non-professional traders.

Q: Is it only for day traders?

No. Many swing traders and long-term investors use Quant Edge to make buy/sell decisions on all different time frames.

Q: What if I can't attend all of the live training sessions?

That's okay. 

Most coaching program attendees have other obligations and can't make every single live session. That's why we offer lifetime access to the recorded sessions. 

Q: What if I'm confused? Will Rob answer all my questions?

Yes. This 4-week coaching program includes 4 live Q&A sessions with Rob.

About Rob Smith

Rob Smith is Lead Moderator of T3 Live's Quant Edge Live Trading Room. He is well-known for his innovative use of quantitative analysis and trading technology. 

At the age of 16, Rob began working for Merrill Lynch as a pit clerk on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

In 1989, he joined the Chicago Stock Exchange, where he was a member for 16 years.

During his tenure at the Exchange, Rob served as an independent trader, as both a listed and OTC Specialist. Rob also provided Technical Analysis and Research to several major firms on the floor.

Rob Smith
Creator of the Quant Edge Trading System

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