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Inside Jeff's Hit and Run Methodology
All of Jeff's strategies are based on his expert analysis of price action. He doesn't bother with indicators.

Price is truth. Price is what makes us money. 

Jeff starts each week with his custom Hit Lists.

These are stocks that are making new highs, breaking out of consolidations, or showing good volatility. 

Jeff then uses these 12 proven strategies to spot day and swing trading opportunities that offer the best possible returns:
  •  Holy Grail: "Buy the dip" in a strong stock without taking too much risk
  •  Opening Range Breakout: Identify the right entry point for new trades
  •  Boomerang:  Helps you trade stocks at 52-week highs
  •  1 2 3 Pullback: Nail pullbacks in strongly trending stocks
  •  Expansion Breakout: Spot breakouts that consistently deliver fast profits
  •  Expansion Pivot: Tell you when institutions are piling in and out of stocks
  •  The 180: Detect rapid trend reversals in strong stocks
  •  TNT: Find entries in stocks that have basing patterns
  •  Gilligan's Island: A low-risk, high-reward continuation strategy
  •  Lizard Buy and Sell: Get buy and sell signals from 10-day highs and lows
  •  Triangle Pendulum: Profit from failed breakouts
  •  Large-Range Outside Day: Use trading ranges to detect increased momentum
Again, you could copy Jeff and analyze charts 8 hours a day for 36 years.

And maybe, just maybe, you could come up with strategies like these.

Or, you could just take the trades.
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What Jim Cramer said about Jeff Cooper*
"Cooper helped us deliver consistent 24% returns after all fees year-after-year, including a couple of down years that could take your breath away."

"Dogma-free, open-minded, aware of EVERY pattern that has ever held up under scrutiny to be a winner, Cooper can help you navigate this market or any other."

-Jim Cramer, CNBC commentator

*excerpts from the foreword of Jeff's bestselling book Hit and Run Trading
About Jeff Cooper
  • Professional day and swing trader since 1981
  • Editor of T3 Live's Daily Market Report
  • Traded for Drexel Burnham and a hedge fund before going independent
  • Creator of the Hit and Run Trading Methodology
  • Uses a variety of proprietary trading signals including the Holy Grail, ORB, 180, and TNT strategies
  • Author of 7 trading books and DVD's, including the best-selling Hit and Run Trading: The Short-Term Stock Traders' Bible
Jeff Cooper
Veteran Trader and Bestselling Author
What other experts are saying:
I have been using Jeff's service for over 2 years now and I can absolutely say without a doubt, I have learned more in the last 2 years than I have in over 20 years of trading stocks.

Jeff has taught me discipline, time and price correlations, and the tools necessary to be profitable in any environment.

-Christopher Miller, Managing Partner of Milmar Financial, LLC
I have followed Jeff since 2007. And his calls, especially his major contrarian calls, have been spot on.

 I vividly remember the first week of March 2009.
When everyone else was calling for the end of the world, Jeff was unequivocally telling his readers that THE low was in. 

-Peter Atwater, President of Financial Insyghts, LLC
What Jeff's Customers Are Saying
I’ve subscribed to many stock trading newsletters over the past decade but only Jeff’s has been consistent in making me money.
     -Mark B.
Thank you so much for the trades Mr. Cooper. I have made some real MOOLAH over the last 2 weeks in PH, RHT, EOG, LFUS, RGR, etc.
     -Joshua J.
Jeff Cooper is the best. I learn something every single day from his reports. 

     -Toni S
I have been following Jeff Cooper since 2003. He recently crushed it with his call on GOLD.
      -Diego P.
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