Rebuild Your P&L and Your Confidence With a Simple, Step-by-Step Formula Prepared By Our Top Trading Coach 

5 Hours of Video Training + 209-Page Course Guide
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Are You Not Achieving the P&L You Want?
Or Are You Flat-Out Losing Money?

If you’re struggling as a trader, you’re not alone.

In fact, your problems are not unique. 

And that’s a good thing -- because it means your problems can be fixed with The Turnaround Trader Formula

Ifan Wei, professional trader and head of our 1:1 coaching program, created this groundbreaking course to rebuild your P&L from the ground up.

You’ll get a full toolkit of actionable strategies, with full entry and exit parameters.

You’ll create a trading plan that makes sense for you. 

And most importantly, you’ll get the mindset of a champion.

Because before you trade like a millionaire, you have to think like one. 

Stop Treating Trading Like an Expensive, Stressful Hobby  

You can treat trading like an stressful hobby that drains your bank account.

Or you can treat it like a for-profit business that gives you personal fulfillment.

Ifan’s going to walk you through the creation of a trading plan so you can set goals and expectations that make sense for you.

If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

Virtually all struggling traders operate without a plan for success -- this is your chance to break from the pack. 

Learn Specific Actionable Strategies You Can Put to Work 

Step 1 in turning your trading around is eliminating strategies that are not making you money right now.

Step 2 is learning strategies that actually work.

You’ll pick up Ifan’s most profitable setups for playing Professional Gaps, Novice Gaps, the Gap Bully/Bury, and Climactics.

All of Ifan’s strategies have specific entry and exit signals to eliminate guessing.

And yes, this section is heavy on gaps.

Why? Because gap-based strategies are abundant.

Stocks are always gapping, so you can always find trades. That means it's ground zero for rebuilding your P&L.

Know Exactly When to Get in 

Many traders time and size their positions at random.

This is a great way to go… unless you want consistent profits.

Ifan gives you simple, specific checklists for getting in trades.

When you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t want to guess.

You want to execute with precision based on a specific, proven methodology.

Know Exactly When to Get Out  

Getting in is just one piece of the puzzle.

Getting out is another -- and it may be even more important, because of the possible frustration factor.

Ifan’s strategies for managing stops, targets, and runners will ensure you avoid the 2 most aggravating trading situations:

  • Selling a stock at the bottom, only to watch it skyrocket without you

  • Holding onto a stock as it ticks down a penny at a time, not knowing if it’s time to just cut your losses and move on

Stop Losing Money on Every Entry You Make 

Most traders focus on commissions, data fees, software, etc.

They'll call up their broker demanding cheaper commissions, or they'll scour the internet looking for coupon codes on new software.

But they rarely consider the cost of a bad entry -- which can cost you money on every trade you make.

Improper entries can cost you thousands of dollars per year -- and you never even notice the money leave your wallet.

Ifan teaches you his full methodology for actually getting in and out of trades at the best possible prices.

Spot supply-demand imbalances so you can avoid being fooled by clever market makers.

Finally Get a Clear Picture of Your Performance 

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

-Peter Drucker, Management Guru

The only way to improve your P&L is to know exactly what’s driving it.

Ifan shares his custom trade tracking spreadsheet so you can get a crystal-clear picture of your trading results.

You’ll understand exactly what’s making you money, and what’s costing you money.

Just eliminating a few mistakes and bad habits can have a monumental impact on your results.

And your first step is instituting this powerful tracking system. 

Confront Your Worst Habits, and Then Destroy Them  

The human mind is not designed to assess risk-reward.

As a result, it’s very easy to develop bad habits.

Ifan will break you out of negative habits and thought patterns so you can make fewer mistakes, and be a happier, more productive trader.

He also explores the unique pressures of prop trading, and setting proper expectations for your trading.

Simplify Your Decision-Making Process with Routine and Checklists

Why do airline pilots and surgeons use checklists?

Because checklists eliminate errors and help you work faster.

You can’t start your trading day by asking yourself “so what do I do now?”

That’s a waste of time and energy.

Instead, use Ifan’s pre-market and post-market checklists so you’ll always know what step to take next.

Be freed up to focus on what matters -- the price action.

Maximize Your Efficiency Through Proper Workstation Setup 

Your computer setup may be slowing you down...

Ifan shows you how to optimize your trading screens so you take in maximum information in minimum time.

This speeds up your scanning and order entries so you can find the best money-making opportunities.

He also provides you with a disaster plan in case the unthinkable happens -- your computer and/or Internet connection fails while you’re trading.

Take 3 Clear, Specific Steps to Success 

As you close out the course, you’ll feel like a trader on a mission.

To maximize your chances of success, Ifan gives you 3 specific steps to take.


Because he wants you to immediately apply what you’ve learned so you don’t fall back into bad habits.

This may be the most important part of the course.

So take these simple steps, and build a powerful foundation for a life-changing P&L.

The Turnaround Trader Formula Curriculum


Welcome to the Program

Learn how this program can turn your trading around, and get to know Ifan.


Essentials of a Winning Game Plan

The Problem
You Don’t Have a Clear Trading Plan and Goals for the Future

The Solution
Make a trading plan and set realistic goals for yourself.


Define Your Trading Strategies

The Problem 

You are trading at random because you don’t have a specific set of strategies.

The Solution

Learn specific, actionable strategies you can put to work.

We’ll focus on Professional Gaps, Novice Gaps, the Gap Bully/Bury, and Climactics.


Entry Patterns and Trade Sizing

The Problem 

You don’t know when to get in, and you don’t know how to size positions properly.

The Solution

Learn the Breakouts/Hi-Lo and Pullbacks/Retracements Entry Patterns.

Understand the 1-2-3 Entry, Failure Pattern, and Secondary Entries.


Trade Management and Price Targets

The Problem 

You exit positions too late or too early, and you either lose too much or leave money on the table.

The Solution

Learn to set stops and targets to improve your reward:risk profile.

Benefit from all-day trends.

Understand which reversal times to monitor throughout the day.


Professional Order Execution

The Problem 

You are losing money on your entries and you don’t even know it.

The Solution

Learn about different order types and how to read the Level II screen.

Understand Hard to Borrow (HTB) and None to Borrow (NTB) shares.

See how the uptick rule may impact your trading.


Trade and Performance Tracking

The Problem 

You don’t truly understand how well you are performing as a trader.

The Solution

Use tracking tools that give a clear picture of your performance.

Set expectations for your personal performance.


Emotional Awareness

The Problem 

You are not aware of your true strengths and weaknesses.

The Solution

Confront and mitigate your worst habits.

Improve your self-awareness.

Overcome the unique pressures of prop trading.


Developing Routines and Checklists

The Problem 

You do not have control over your trading day and process.

The Solution

Implement checklists to simplify your decision-making process.

Create a trading routine you can follow.


Managing Your Trading Battle Station

The Problem 

Your computer system and platform are slowing you down.

The Solution

Organize your screens for maximum efficiency.
Create a process for dealing with tech issues.
Access organizational tools that give you control over your processes.

Using Trading Chat Rooms the Right Way

The Problem 

Your trading chat room is actually hurting you.

The Solution

Eliminate unnecessary distractions and focus on the right things.

Avoid the deadly sin of ‘recognition seeking.’


Avoiding Stress and Burnout

The Problem 

You can’t handle the pressure of trading in the heat of the moment.

The Solution

Make the right adjustments when the pressure is on. 

Simplify your management rules without losing versatility.

Encourage positive behaviors and boost your confidence.


Your Next 3 Steps to Trading Success

The Problem 

You don’t know what to do after this program.

The Solution

Take 3 specific steps that form the foundation of your trading success.

What's Included With Your Purchase

5 Hours of Video Training

Ifan takes you step-by-step through the entire Turnaround Trader Formula  program so you can rebuild your P&L and confidence from the ground up.  

This is 5 hours of material specifically designed to give you a framework for your comeback.

Once you finish, you'll be shocked at how far you've come so fast.

Turnaround Trader Formula Course Guide

We include the 209-page course guide so you can read through the material again and again.

Download it, print it out, and leave it by your computer screen!

Turnaround Trader Bonus Items

As a special bonus, get:

1) Ifan's 7 Deadly Sins Trading Cheat Sheet (to keep by your trading desk)
2) Ifan's Personal Trade Log Spreadsheets
3) Ifan's Personal Share Sizing Spreadsheets

What You'll Walk Away With

Specific, actionable tactics designed for an immediate impact. Replace your unsuccessful strategies right away.

The confidence you need to succeed. As you build your P&L and self-awareness, you'll feel better about the future.

The understanding that you can achieve your trading goals. You just need to commit to a game plan, and work hard!

5 Hours of Video Training + 209-Page Course Guide
Just $295!

Trading Coach

About Ifan Wei

Ifan Wei attended the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating with a Business Administration degree with a specialty in Sports Marketing.

He as also an All-American collegiate boxer.

After working for the National Football League and a Big Three television network, Ifan pivoted to the equities market for a new challenge.

If an is an expert in trading Gaps, Climactics, and Relative Strength/Weakness for consitent profits.

Ifan provides real-time market analysis, research, and trade ideas every day in the T3 Strategic Day Trader Room.

He is also a successful trading coach, mentoring traders on a 1:1 basis.

What people are saying about Ifan:

Ifan is a great teacher and trader. He's really good at explaining the material and helping you understand what to work on.

My favorite thing is his ability to break down and explain not just the strategies, but WHY we use them.

     -James from California

Ifan is very helpful in explaining and talking about not only trade setups and patterns, but issues and mistakes that traders can encounter.

     -Dave from Ohio

Ifan is a very disciplined trader.

I like that he shows you why NOT to take a trade.

It’s more important than reasons TO take a trade.

     -Todd from Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is This Program for Day Trading or Swing Trading?

A: These strategies work on all time frames.

Q: What Type of Platform and Software Is required?

A: You can use any off-the-shelf systems you want. 

Q: Is the Turnaround Trader Formula Good for Beginners?

A: Beginners can get value out of this course, but the Turnaround Trader Formula was designed for experienced traders that want to rebuild their P&L and confidence with  a systematic program.

Q: Can I Package This With the Strategic Day Trader Room, 1:1 Coaching, or Other Education Programs?

A: Yes. If you are interested in a trading package, call 1-888-998-3548 or click here to email us.

Q: How Is This Different From Trading the Pristine Method®?

A: TPM® is a more comprehensive course, and better suited for beginners. TPM® can be packaged with The Turnaround Trader Formula.

5 Hours of Video Training + 209-Page Course Guide 
Just $295!