The Only Way to Learn 6 'Mind Blowing' Setups That Can  Generate Big Profits on Earnings

Where Most Traders Go Wrong With Trading Earnings

Most traders say "I never trade stocks ahead of their earnings reports! It's too risky!"

But risk isn't the problem.

The problem is making things too complicated.

The typical trader tries to predict all these items:

  1. Earnings per share
  2. Revenues
  3. Profit margins
  4. Product unit sales
  5. Future guidance
  6. Which specific item in the report the market will care about most
  7. What the stock and options markets are pricing in
  8. How the market will react to the report

No wonder so many traders are terrified of earnings!


Who could possibly predict 8 different things for each company?

Sami's Simple Solution: Focus on Predicting the Market's Reaction

The 'Earnings Engine' model is a newer, simpler way of doing things.

Sami has identified 6 pinpoint specific chart patterns that predict how a stock will move after earnings.

If you can follow a simple checklist and read a chart, you can get long or short stock ahead of earnings in a calm, rational manner. 

And Sami didn't pull these patterns out of thin air. 

He studied earnings reactions for 7 years before he began trading them -- 7 years! 

He left (potentially) millions of dollars on the table because he wanted to be sure this strategy made consistent money.

And they have.

These setups almost feel like cheating because the chart has all the information you need.

The chart knows how the stock will move, regardless of whether the company beats expectations or misses.

The information is staring at you right now. You just have to know where to look.

Sami can teach you how in this special LIVE online course. Earnings seasons starts next week. 

Are you ready to rev up YOUR earnings engine?

Are you ready to turn earnings season into a celebration instead of a major headache?

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What You Learn With Earnings Engine


6 High-Probability Setups Designed Specifically for Trading Earnings Reports

After studying 590 earnings plays, Sami broke them up into 6 different setups.

Each one has its own criteria, and works in a specific situation. Between these 6 patterns, you'll find countless trading opportunities every single earnings season. (10 or more a day sometimes, and it doesn't take long)

1. The Pullback Play: For stocks that pull back in a specific type of uptrend

2. The Breakout Play: For stocks that are ready to break out on earnings

3. The Transition A: For stocks exhibiting a specific type of basing behavior

4. The Transition C: For downtrending stocks about to gap down on earnings for big short profits

5. The Run Play: For stocks 'running' into resistance/support

6. The Unfilled Gap: For stocks approaching an unfilled gap

Each pattern is easy to learn, and easy to implement, with simple instructions. There is no guessing involved.

Slide example:


Trade Metrics: Actually Getting In and Out of Positions

Patterns are worthless unless you know exactly how to put them to work.

So Sami gives you extensive guidance in trade implementation, including:

Scanning: Quickly assemble an 'Earnings Hit List' of stocks to target each day. And more importantly, learn which stocks to avoid, based on volume and setup quality.

Entry: You'll be amazed at how simple the entry process is. Sami also explains how his trading platform is set up for earnings.

Share Sizing: Learn an easy system for share sizing, and determine what level of risk is appropriate for you.

Trade Management: Get Sami's exact trade management parameters so you can maximize your reward:risk. Also -- and this is VERY important -- learn when to get out of a trade, take profits, and move on.

What They're Saying About Sami's Earnings Plays

Sami's Earnings Plays make me money. I do not need any other trades during earnings season.
-Yen-Kai from Boston

It's easy to apply and the profits are sometimes higher than expected
-Jason from California

I subscribed to Strategic Swing Trader for a year. I paid for my subscription on the first day with the Earnings Plays overnight!
-Randall from Pennsylvania

The plays are explained as to why they are taken or rejected. Questions are encouraged and the answers explained in detail. I myself will continue to be a member because I like the way my trading account has grown since I joined.
-Curt from Seattle

Sami is committed to helping every student.
-Rick from Phoenix

Sami Abusaad teaches the aspects of the markets brilliantly, and if you listen to him, you will do well. But Sami goes on to teach much more and if you really listen to him, you will not only see the markets deeply, but you will also come to see yourself through the markets on a much deeper level. In my opinion, Sami is a rare and true teacher! I thank you Sami!
-Peter from New York

Sami’s trade management is fantastic - control the losers and let the winners run!
-Dave from Canada

4+ Hours of Video Training + Course Guide
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What You'll Walk Away With

Specific Actionable Tactics for Getting Long and Short Stocks Before Earnings

A Complete Understanding of How to Measure Expectations Ahead of Earnings

The Understanding That You Can Indeed Achieve Your Goals... If You Learn the Right Tactics.

Director of Trading Education

Head of the Earnings Engine, Strategic Day Trader, Strategic Swing Trader, and Elite Private Mentorship Program

About Sami Abusaad

Sami Abusaad is a professional trader and T3 Live's Director of Education.

Sami graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Mary’s College of California with a B.S. in accounting. He then served as a Senior Associate for KPMG, performing audits for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2007, Sami joined Pristine Trading and quickly became an expert in all Pristine strategies, including the groundbreaking Trading the Pristine Method.

After T3 Live's merger with Pristine in 2015, Sami was named Director of Education.

Today, Sami remains a successful professional day and swing trader, specializing in gap, climactic, and reversal strategies.

He also heads up the following T3 Live programs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the 'Earnings Engine' for?

A: Traders that are ready to break from convention and try something completely new.

You must want to be ‘proactive’ during earnings season.

You must be ready to abandon the broken “analyze 4 things and then make 3 predictions” model of earnings.

Q: How many trades can I find?

A: Once you understand the strategies, you can find multiple setups every single day.

Sami has found 20+ setups per day at the height of earnings season. 

Q: What if I’m afraid to short stocks? 

A: You can always focus on long opportunities if you wish.

If you are fearful of shorting stocks, we recommend paper trading the strategies at first. Then, slowly put money to work when you get more comfortable.

This is what Sami did himself BEFORE trading real money.

Q: Can I use options for these strategies?

A: Yes.

The course is focused on stock selection only, but many traders use options to play the names they find.

4+ Hours of Video Training + Course Guide
Just $295!