An All-New Way to Day Trade Futures

Traders have demanded a futures room for years.

And the all-new Futures on Fire room hosted by veteran trader Rod Casilli couldn't come at a better time.

Volatility is on the upswing, creating more high-profit opportunities for the prepared trader.

And the advent of low cost 'micro futures' just opened the futures market to millions of traders with smaller account sizes.

In fact, because of their simplicity, low cost of entry, liquidity, and freedom (23 hours a day trading, no pattern day trader rule), micro futures may be the ultimate short-term trading instrument.

Real-Time Ideas and Analysis From a 20+ Year Futures Vet

Rod Casilli is the perfect guide for your futures trading journey.

He has been a successful futures trader and automated strategy developer since 1997, when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange introduced the original S&P 500 E-Mini contract.

And when the CME released its new Micro E-mini futures on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 1000, and Dow Jones Industrial Average, Rod jumped right in.

In the past, you needed several thousands of dollars to trade a single futures contract.

The new E-minis allow traders with even tiny accounts to day trade futures, so you can capitalize on Rod's real-time trade calls even if you're just getting started.

Then, as you build your account and skill level, you can graduate to the bigger E-minis. This was simply impossible until today.

Trades You Can't Find Anywhere Else

After you join Futures on Fire, you'll be surprised at what you see.

Rod's not using standard candlestick charts and moving averages.

Instead, he uses an unusual system based on 'BrickWick Bars*' that let him cherrypick the best potential trades.

*Don't worry - Rod includes educational videos to teach you how to access these unique bars

Then he uses a unique trade selection process called 'Signal Stacking' to know exactly where to place his trades.

Rod can find 20 or more trade opportunities in a single day based on his proprietary setups, including Trade Every Turn, Stay in Your Lane, and the Range Trader.

And you get these actionable trades in real-time in the Futures on Fire Room in the Virtual Trading Floor®.

The Helping Hand You Didn't Know You Need

Most traders are lone wolves, fighting by themselves without an ounce of help.

A major benefit of joining Futures on Fire is that you can bounce ideas off of Rod and your fellow members in real-time.

You also get help understanding the market and potential trades as the action breaks.

Traders are often confused by what they see, yet they'll keep putting money on the line.

This is a fatal error.

Clarity leads to confidence and profitability -- so let Rod help you navigate today's markets.

Track 4 Futures Contracts Instead of 1,000+ Stocks and Options

Futures move so often that Rod only needs 4 futures contracts to earn a living trading:

Rod tracks futures on the  S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 1000, and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

That's all we need.

Even on the slowest of days, futures contracts move enough to give profitable opportunities. 

There are no earnings reports to read, no choosing between thousands of options contracts, and no economic predictions to make.

Rod's unique trading system allows him to pick out high-probability technical moves that work no matter what the news is.

Learn the system, track these 4 instruments, and you're good to go.

And if you trade SPY, QQQ, and/or IWM options, then you really ought to take a look at futures.

Futures can be simpler, less expensive, and more liquid than options -- plus you have the benefit of a 23 hours a day, 6 days a week market.

You are not restricted by normal stock market hours. So you trade when you want to.

So Yes, You Can Be a Total Beginner

Veteran traders might just want Rod's profitable ideas, and the benefits of joining a trading community.

But beginners are more than welcome in Futures on Fire.

Rod gives you a set of introductory videos so you can understand exactly how he does things.

Plus, you're only tracking a few instruments, and micro-futures mean you can start with a tiny account!

But You Won't Be a Beginner for Long...

Your trading education should never end.

Rod regularly posts new futures education videos to your account, covering new or enhanced setups and signals.

He'll also cover other topics for an ongoing learning experience.

We want you to earn. 

But we want you to learn, too.

Before you know it, you'll be advancing your skills and building your toolkit at a rate you won't believe.


A Unique Split Session

Rod designed the Futures on Fire schedule for maximum convenience.

There are two sessions each day:

Session #1: 9 a.m to 12:00 p.m. ET

Session #2: 2:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. ET

Why doesn't Rod trade that in-between time?

Because markets go quiet, and he'd rather enjoy that time off.

As a futures trader, you are not required to stay glued to the screen all day long.

​What You'll Walk Away With


Actionable futures day trade ideas you can actually use

An improved understanding of yourself as a futures trader

Membership in a friendly, supportive community

What People Say About Futures on Fire

Micros are a game changer as far as learning to trade and being able to start small while developing as a trader.

-Dave from Maryland

I like the friendly community and moderator (Rod). The trading strategies are precise and easy to understand.

-Hunter from Dallas

Rod is a nice guy and I like his transparency.

-Miron from California

I appreciate Rod’s guidance on his methods and explanations, and the room seems to be coming along nicely.

-New room member

I have attended the room from the first day. In my account, all days are green except one!

-Boro from Switzerland

2 Ways to Get Started Today

Monthly Membership

  • No commitments - cancel at any time
  • Lowest cost to get started
  • Put Rod to the Test


Annual Membership

  • Save $345 over a monthly subscription
  • Get the ultimate futures trading experience.
  • Access 5 major bonuses (see below)


Futures on Fire Bonus Pack!
For Annual Subscribers Only*

*Monthly subscribers who upgrade to an annual membership will receive these bonuses.

Bonus #1: Rod's Email Signal Service

Get a real-time email alert every single time Rod makes a trade. 

So in case you're away from the room, you can still capitalize on his ideas.

Bonus #2: Special After-Hours VTF Trading sessions

Sometimes, the futures markets heats up big-time after the close of normal trading, typically on news. That's when Rod drops everything and runs to the Futures on Fire Room.

These special extended trading sessions are only available to annual charter members.

Bonus #3: NinjaTrader Workspace Templates

Get Rod's Personal NinjaTrader Workspace Templates with every chart and strategy he uses.

This is the best way to organize your platform for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Bonus #4: Monthly Strategy Lab Access

Join Rod for monthly Strategy Labs where he builds, tests, and deploys automated futures trading strategies.

These educational sessions will help you better understand how these strategies work in the real world.

Bonus #5: Key Trade Review Sessions

Attend special trade reviews with Rod to enhance your learning and spot the next big moneymaking opportunity.

2 Ways to Get Started Today

Monthly Membership

  • No commitments - cancel at any time
  • Lowest cost to get started
  • Put Rod to the test


Annual Membership

  • Save $345 over a monthly subscription
  • Get the ultimate futures trading experience.
  • Access 5 major bonuses


Rod-Casilli futures on fire
Rod casilli

Director of the
Futures on Fire Program

Professional Trader & Educator

About Rod Casilli

Rod Casilli is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ciredor Capital.

He has been an active futures trader and automated strategy designer for over 20 years. 

Rod started his career at Merrill Lynch during the tech speculation craze, spent time trading millions of shares of stock as a SOES bandit, and has held a variety of sales and marketing roles within financial services, enterprise, and start-up software.

Most recently, Rod was the Head of Product Management at Collective2, the world’s largest automated trading marketplace.

Mr. Casilli has a BA in English from the University of California. When not trading, he splits time with his dog Dodger between the beaches of L.A, wine country in Northern California, and the mountains outside Las Vegas.