13+ Hours of Intensive Training From the Head of Our 
NYC Trading Desk

Learn the unique methodology taught at T3 Trading Group, one of the largest professional trading firms in the United States.

Perfect if you want to launch a career as a pro trader.

Or, if you simply want intensive training in a pro-level trading method.

Learn Straight From the Pros

The best way to learn a professional trading method is to go to a pro.

Anyone can start a website and call themselves an expert.

But with our Boot Camp Home Study program, you'll learn from a licensed professional trader that actually risks capital for a living.

That's what makes the Boot Camp unique -- you're not learning from a self-appointed expert with zero experience that scraped together $50 for an obnoxious YouTube ad.

About Your Instructor
Derrick Oldensmith

Derrick has been a licensed professional proprietary trader with T3 Trading Group since 2011.

He has mentored over 100 professional traders, and runs our New York City desk, overseeing 70+ traders.

Derrick graduated from New York University with a degree in economics, and is a 2-time world champion kickboxer with a 5th degree black belt in karate.

Why Pick Up the Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study?

Derrick Oldensmith first taught this material in New York City as part of a $2,995 program that required you to apply to become a prop trader. 

But due to the Coronavirus crisis, our office is closed.

The Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study Program:

  • Takes place online so you can go at your own pace 
  • Is far less expensive
  • Is open to traders anywhere in the world

There are no licensing requirements to sign up -- you must simply have the will to succeed.

About the Boot Camp Video Training

You'll learn Derrick's system from A to Z, including technical analysis, tape reading, psychology, and even order entry.

And it's all based on 10 years of real professional trading experience.

Sample Slides:

Now let's talk about the curriculum. 

The program includes 10 videos totaling 13+ hours.

Orientation & Technical Analysis 101

  • Learn about Derrick's trading philosophy and experience as a professional trader
  • Get acclimated to the program so you know what to expect
  • Form a powerful foundation in technical analysis which will serve as your bedrock for learning
  • Understand where the "true" support and resistance are in any stock
  • See where to place orders relative to support and resistance

Candlestick Setups

  • Candlesticks are your foundation for technical setups so Derrick will help you understand what they really mean
  • Learn what specialty candles like Marubozu candles, Dojis, Hammers, and Shooting Stars are telling you about price
  • Start spotting trade setups immediately based on simple candlesticks
  • Understand tried and true setups like the Hammer Capitulation Buy and Shooting Star Doji
  • Integrate candlesticks with moving averages to create even more powerful profit opportunities

Technical Analysis Intensive Part 1

  • Learn the 4 specific buy and sell scenarios that show up again and again on the charts
  • Spot illogical price movement that creates A+ trading setups
  • Understand the true supply and demand in the market on multiple time frames, which is key to making money
  • Know when to execute trades based on high-probability price patterns
  • Learn multiple buy/sell scenarios for technical patterns and understand how risk-reward differs between them

Technical Analysis Intensive Part 2

  • Understand a unique method for spotting reversals and trend changes
  • Learn to spot unique "challenge trends" and the opportunities they create
  • Know when you should scale up or down your trading based on your P&L
  • Multiply your opportunities by spotting pattern failures that create big moves
  • Know the pattern that leads to most market tops

Maximizing Reward on Every Trade

  • Learn the 5 "layers of probability" that boost your odds of netting cash on any trade
  • Stop giving away money on every trade by minimizing slippage
  • Hold your big winners longer by knowing when a strong pattern gets even stronger
  • Shrink your losing trades by using a very simple risk-reward formula
  • Start grading your trades so you can properly manage your risk

How to Trade Explosive Gaps

  • Learn the unique psychology of gaps, which are some of the most powerful trading signals imaginable
  • Spot the signs that a gap will fill
  • Detect major trend changes in stocks, ETF's, and indices using gaps
  • Avoid profit-sucking "price congestion" created by gaps
  • Understand "price memory" to anticipate where other traders will act

New School Tape Reading

  • Ride institutional order flow by spotting where the big money is buying and selling
  • Use Level II data to spot real supply and demand
  • Stop leaving money on the table by making poor entries and exits
  • Avoid getting taking advantage of by algos and HFT's
  • See how Derrick turns his entry/exit process into a new profit center

Trade Journaling and Tracking

  • Use Derrick's framework for tracking your progress as a trader
  • Finally see your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know where you are making and losing money so you can alter your strategy for the better
  • Ensure you are in a state of continuous improvement
  • Avoid falling into a state of complacency and think like a winner

Professional Trading Psychology

  • Use psychology to magnify your strengths and boost your P&L
  • Mold your trading to fit your unique personality
  • Balance the price action with your opinions and natural tendencies
  • Control your emotions and reactions to maximize your ability to make money
  • Stop letting price action destroy your mood and self-confidence

Open "Ask Derrick Anything" Q&A Session

Please note: this session was a recorded live Q&A, which was for attendees of the live Boot Camp. Still, the lessons Derrick taught here will be valuable to any trader, and we recommend you listen to this segment.

Why This Is Such An Exciting Opportunity

This is the first time we are teaching this pro system outside of:

  • The normal $2,995 in-person program
  • The $995 live online Boot Camp program

You'll learn all the little details that go into making money in the market from entry to exit.

Stop learning from amateurs. Learn from a real pro instead!

What Traders Said About the Boot Camp

Derrick, was an amazing commentator. He presented the subject matter in an easy, digestible manner. I found his lessons on risk management to be especially enlightening. I am now approaching the market more strategically, looking for consistent setup opportunities.

     -Nick from New York City

The Boot Camp taught me to be patient and let situations come to me and, most importantly, to have discipline. I was surprised at how intuitive it was.

     -Steven from Florida

I feel that I am so blessed to have had an experienced trader like Derrick pave a road for my trading career! I I am absolutely satisfied and will recommend it to all my friends.

     -Ning from Canada

Experienced and new traders will learn a lot from this class. I see the market much differently now.

     -John from Ohio

The customer feedback provided is reported by our customers and is not verified. Because it is difficult to track the success of all of our customers, we want to make clear to you, the potential customer, that you should not expect results similar to those described by our customers above. While we offer insights, guidance and training on trading the financial markets, we do not make any guarantees that you will make any money, or that you will make any of your investment in our services back. As with all investments in the financial markets, there is extreme risk, and you should evaluate your personal risk profile prior to making any investment.

Here's What you Get:

  • Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study Program With 13+ Hours of Video Training
  • A complete education in a professional trading system
  • The confidence you need to succeed

Just $795

Have a Question? Call 1-888-998-3548 or email info@t3live.com

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Who Is the Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study For?

The Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study is for active traders in two categories:

  • Those that would like to become professional traders in the future
  • Those that would like to increase their profitability with a professional trading system

You do not have to be a proprietary or professional trader to attend.

Ideally, you should have some market knowledge and trading experience.

If you have no experience, study the TPM® material before the Boot Camp and read up on market current events. That will put you in the position to succeed.

Do I Need a Specific Trading Platform or Charting Program?

Like many successful traders, Derrick’s setup is actually quite simple.

He uses standard candlestick charts with common indicators like moving averages, which can be found in any trading platform or charting software.

You do not need to purchase any special software to understand his concepts.

When Is T3's Next In-Person Training Program?

Due to the unpredictability of government regulatory actions, our in-person training programs have been postponed indefinitely.

We do not want you to pay $2,995 without a firm date on the calendar.

Can I Join As Part of a Prop Arrangement With T3?

If you open a prop or retail account with T3 Trading Group, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement in the form of $795 in commission rebates. 

See the disclosures at the bottom of this page for more details, and contact us at info@t3live.com before purchasing.

What If I’m a Pro Desk Member or Current Proprietary Trader with T3?

Pro Desk members and T3 proprietary traders may be eligible for alternate special offers.

If you fit in either of these categories, contact your Trader Counselor directly or email info@t3live.com for more information.

Here's What you Get:

  • Pro Trader Boot Camp Home Study Program With 13+ Hours of Video Training
  • A complete education in a professional trading system
  • The confidence you need to succeed

Just $795

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