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Get your share of "predictable" event-driven options trades. 

Dear Trader

You're about learn about a highly reliable source of options trade ideas that may change the game for you. As you know, all options trading involves risk. But there are ways to potentially put the odds in your favor.

There are three important facts you should know up front:

These opportunities are time-sensitive once placed on the Wall Street "calendar."

These opportunities always have a defined risk, if you follow our plays exactly.

These opportunities occur every day, if you know how to spot them.

After seven years in development,
Options in Play is here.

You can't eliminate all risk from your trading. But imagine being able to ride upswings in stocks like Netflix, Apple and Tesla, while reducing downside risk.

Now imagine doing that month after month, year after year. How would that change your life?
You probably doubt this could happen. But I’m here to tell you it can – and I can prove it.

I call it Event Driven Options Trading.

In short, Event Driven Options Trading lets you capitalize on scheduled stock market events that behave in a predictable manner. Because these events are on the Wall Street “calendar,” the window to profit is time sensitive, but predictable. Those who are decisive, lock in the best trades.

At any given time, 25+ stocks could fit our proprietary criteria and offer cash flow opportunities for the coming months.

Opportunity is always here with event driven trading.

Options in Play Does the Work For You

Trading options can be challenging with several factors to consider that affect your chances of earning money.

The four core elements of event driven trades include: the catalyst (typically earnings), the direction, the duration of the move, and the price you pay for the options.

The price you pay and when the move occurs are the keys to success. Many know this as time decay and premium.

Our goal is to hand you trade ideas where all four factors are calculated. You simply need to match the trade ideas to your resources.

How We Spot Event Driven Options Trades

Each day we scan for actionable opportunities, or ideas that give you potentially great rewards with defined, controlled risk.

Earnings Announcements: The most dependable source of Options in Play on Wall Street. These are a reliable source of potential options ideas.

Upgrades/downgrades and other company-specific situations: Once you start earning cash flow on these trades, you will never watch the news the same way again.

FDA and other headline-related announcements: Often the hiring or firing of a CEO or a drug passing or failing FDA approval becomes an opportunity to make money.

Technical analysis: Many times a chart pattern provides opportunity even if the stock has not produced recent headlines. Often these options trades see the news announced after we place the trade. 

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 Trade Updates with Trade Management.

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2 Group Coaching Sessions Per Month
 Have your questions answered by an options pro.

On the first and third Monday of each month, you'll join Daniel Darrow for interactive group coaching sessions.

In addition to exclusive trading lessons, Daniel will answer your questions about trading and current market conditions.

This way, you can become a smarter, more confident options trader.

How "event driven" trading works

Simple Predictable Options Trades

Is this day trading? No!

These "event driven" trades are designed for short-term cash flow.

The typical trade can last as few as 4 days, but as long as 6 weeks. Depending on how much you want to put into each deal, you choose how long the trade will last. You define risk; you choose your profit potential and when you want the trade to end.

Sounds simple, because it is. I will show you how in a minute.
But first, I know what you’re thinking.

Sound too good to be true?

“Why haven’t I heard about this and why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Great questions. I would raise an eyebrow, too. In short, most options traders buy and sell wrong.

Event driven trades have a specific window of opportunity. Timing becomes crucial to success.

Simple, smart, risk-defined strategies.

The Proof.

What I’m about to show you is so powerfully simple that you’ll wonder how you never saw it before. Once you get started, you’ll never approach the market the old way ever again.

Here’s why trading predictable events with options is so simple.

You define the risk, and Options in Play brings you the trades. All you need to do is choose the trades that match your goals.

Welcome to Options in Play
 Here's What's Included:

  • Get a nightly newsletter with carefully selected trade ideas for the next day. Get clear, simple instructions that make these options trades easy to follow.
  • Also includes 2-3 intraday alerts per day with updates and analysis so you'll always know when it's time to take action.
  • 2 group coaching sessions per month so you can ask Daniel Darrow anything you'd like about his trading strategies, or current market conditions.
  • Our team tracks liquid options that are actively traded. This strict criteria typically provides ease of fills at reasonable prices during normal market conditions.
  • Options in Play identifies attractive events to trade out of 10,000+ earnings reports, upgrades/downgrades, central bank meetings, economic data releases, FDA news, conferences, and more! 
  • And that's not all. Options in Play is always on the lookout for technically driven opportunities in stocks primed to move.

2 Options for Getting Started

Monthly Membership

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  • Just $129 to get started
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Annual Membership

  • Save BIG over a monthly membership
  • Includes the 3-hour Actionable Options Program* ( $295 Bonus)
  • Amazing ideas + Coaching + Education Package


$295 Actionable Options Program
Included with Annual Subscriptions

Yours FREE with an Annual Subscription ($295 value)

Annual Options in Play members include the Actionable Options Program trading course.

AOP includes over 3 hours of video training in 14 actionable options trading strategies, including 4 hard-hitting, event-driven strategies: the Earnings Combo Trade, Bounce-Back Quarter Trade, Trending Stock Trade, and the Pre-Earnings Ramp.

We start with the basics of options theory and market operations, and then very quickly take you into actionable options tactics you can put to work immediately.

We even teach you how to place orders to help you get in trades at optimal prices.

The Actionable Options Program Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Actionable Options Program

Get an overview of what you're about to learn

Chapter 2: Options Fundamentals for the Active Trader

Understand the basics of options trading

Chapter 3: Options Pricing Mechanics

Learn how options prices actually work in the real world

Chapter 4: Actionable Options Trading Strategies

10 of Daniel Darrow's favorite options trading strategies

Chapter 5: Event-Driven Options Trading Strategies

4 unique, event-driven options strategies you can't find anywhere else

Chapter 6: Options Order Entry and Market Mechanics

Understand how to work orders in live market action

Chapter 7: The VIX and Volatility Analysis

See how the VIX works, and understand the nature of market volatility

Chapter 8: Rookie Options Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid deadly mistakes that can put you out of business

2 Options for Getting Started

Monthly Membership

  • No commitments, no commitments  - you may cancel at any time
  • Just $129 to get started
  • Start at the lowest possible cost

Annual Membership

  • Save BIG over a monthly membership
  • Includes the 3-hour Actionable Options Program* ( $295 Bonus)
  • Amazing ideas + Coaching + Education Package

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