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n this special video, Nightly Game Plan Moderator Sami Abusaad walks you through his “favorite breakdown of all time” in semiconductor play Macom Technology Solutions (MTSI).

Just before Tuesday close, MTSI showed signs of breaking down as it based on prior support above a “tradeable void.”

Sami went short at $36.62.

The stock cratered, and he covered at $30.02 for a gain of $4,506.27 in one day.

But Sami’s no one hit wonder. Watch the video and you’ll see Sami’s actual account statements that show $78,059.89 in net profits since October 16.

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Watch this video and see:

  • Sami’s $78,059.89 in  total gains realized this earning season, which you can see in his actual online account statements
  • The exact chart setup in MTSI that delivered a $4,506 profit in one day
  • Another successful trade in Universal Corp. (UVV)

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