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Discover how a trader in Coral Gables Florida uses the all-new --


to collect $1,000 in one day.

There’s a new and different way to beat the algos.

Instead of grinding out a modest income, a small group of traders have discovered a unique system to draw trend lines.

These new Algorithmic Rules of Trend lines could reward you with a bigger P&L, no matter what your trading experience.

Finally free yourself from the chaos.

Stop playing a game that’s rigged for you to lose.

Using the new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines you avoid getting whipped around like a pinball machine and start placing trades with confidence.

Famed trader Jesse Livermore said “Identify the correct lines of least resistance, and you will find fortune's formula…”

This is the key, Drawing the correct trend lines.

You may be familiar with classic technical analysis, but most of today’s trading methods were created almost 80 years ago!

Times change. The markets changes and you need a new way to create steady cash flow.

The new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines are the modern door to success. And Mark Melnick would like to give you the key.

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Dear Trader,

For most people, January 3, 2018 was a day like any other.

But for Roland, it was a day he’ll never forget. It was the day he paid his mortgage with is trading profits.

This from Roland:

"I learned to draw a new kind of support and resistance line from Mark."

More from Roland:

"Mark's extensive experience and passion for the trade makes me think better. He brings light and an intense point of view to otherwise dark places."

Incredibly, Roland was not the only one pocketing a life-changing payday because of Mark Melnick.

Sharon from Oregon bought just 100 shares of ICPT and made $900 in two days. 

The quick profits paid for a full year of Mark’s trading ideas.

And Seth from California:

"Mark has helped me to trade pullbacks many times. Today he called the bottom in INTC, Intel. I entered at 43.76, about ten cents from low of day. It ran to 44.30. 

Then INTC got positive news and it ran to about 45.50. For a small account like mine, trades like this have low risk.

The most important thing to me little account is to minimize risk and not make mistakes."


In short, thanks to a lifelong pursuit of trading mastery, Mark has discovered a new way to draw trend lines that produces a reliable cash flow from the markets.

The best part?
There’s no complicated indicators to learn.

The new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines picks the true bottoms and tops for stocks.


Knowing the “true” top and bottom gives you an edge not possible with moving averages.

This edge works because of the massively favored parameters that Mark has developed through years of trial and error.


These new rules maximize your risk/reward by following where the algorithms are buying and selling (Also known as “black boxes”).

This all-new criteria helps maintain and build your discipline as you patiently wait for your stock to reach the the optimized price.


Mark’s system enhances the technical analysis you already use, by adding a new twist to an old tool.

After working more than two decades in the trading industry, Mark feels without hesitation that this is your best bet to simplify the market.

This is your best bet to achieve a dependable stream of cash flow.

Introducing the All-New Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines

T3 Live and Mark Melnick have teamed up to bring you a new LIVE training program designed to build your confidence by understanding why stocks reverse.

And more importantly WHERE they reverse. Algorithms are the power behind powerful market moves.

The power behind quick momentum reversals. And the power behind major market moving turning points.

Your tuition for the live training is just $195. 

The training includes Mark’s experience helping leading trading firms construct their automated trading solutions.

Mark Melnick’s cutting-edge work drawing trend lines predicts, sometimes weeks in advance, where a stock will turn.

Imagine the confidence and patience this gives your trading.







Start using the Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines today.

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