Learn What's Working Now for Real Traders, and Why You Need to Be 'Up Money' in Your Trades As Soon as Possible


Live Training + Course Recording + Training Materials Included

JUST $995

The NewsBeat Master Class is an entirely new type of trader training program.

Mark Melnick's unique trading system revolves around a simple concept: being 'up money' in a trade as soon as possible. 


Because being up money improves your P&L.

Being up money improves your confidence.

And being up money eliminates psychological toxicity.

Get a full day of live training, plus the course recording and training materials.

Technical Analysis for Maximum Entry Accuracy: Learn to be "up money" right after you buy a stock or option.

High-Probability Swing Trading: Choose stocks that deliver high-probability returns. These are the same swing trading secrets Mark uses to build serious long-term wealth.

Mastering the News Flow: Pick the high-profit needle out of the haystack. Spot the 1% of headlines that actually mean something. Plus, game Wall Street analysts so they work for YOU!

The Melnick A+ Trigger Method: Use a simple formula to predict exactly where volume will spike so you can get in ahead of the crowd.

Get One Back on Wall Street!: Understand where Wall Street has steered you wrong so you can make a fresh start in your trading.

Build a Powerful 'Trading Brain: Boost your mental capacity as a trader and eliminate psychological toxicity once and for all!

The Algo Buster Strategy: Learn this powerful strategy and set a trap for the algos that lays you money.

AND MORE! Mark will teach you crypto currencies, psychology, trading M&A, and a whole lot more!

What's Missing From Most Trading Classes...

This is the Algo/HFT/Robot era. You need tools that are working right now.

The Newsbeat Master Class was created in April of 2018 and recently updated to make it the most up-to-date guide out there.

Remember, you can't win in 2018 with a 1998 playbook.

That's why Mark includes algorithmic trading analysis so you can actually make money from algos.

And that's why he's teaching his unique method of news analysis -- the single biggest unclaimed opportunity in trading.

To our knowledge, Mark is the only top pro teaching how to profitably trade the news on a consistent basis.

Too many traders get overwhelmed by the dizzying pace of headlines and Tweets these days. 

But Mark's got a knack for picking the needle out of the haystack every day.

And when you combine news and technical analysis, you get the most explosive trades possible.

Take the Newsbeat Master Class

LIVE Master Class Training

Course video for repeat viewing

Complete course guide - the ultimate Melnick Method resource

JUST $995

As you know, this is not your father's trading system.

The Newsbeat Master Class isn't what worked back in 1989.


Here's what past Newsbeat Master Class students say about it:

The Newsbeat Master Class is the fastest-selling class in T3 Live history. 

Why? Because Mark Melnick generates real results for real traders:

Rare it is to be able to receive from someone of the knowledge and experience he has, and also to have that combined with Mark's commitment to helping each and everyone who asks anytime.


New York

Mark is the real deal, period. As someone who was been trading for almost a decade and have seen dozens of trading strategies taught by various traders, the reality is that few if any of those strategies provide people with a real edge. Mark's approach to the market is on the short list of educational content in the trading industry that does in fact provide one with a legitimate edge.


Brooklyn, New York

Taking this class could add 3-5 years of trading experience under your belt easily and get you on the road to profitability.

Newsbeat Student

The psychology and health science that he has researched surprised me the most. I have a master's in science, and Mark did a good job from the science perspective. Good stuff. He's really done his research.


Ventura, California

This was the best trading class I've ever taken; everything he says makes so much sense.



Being a member of Mark's room, I can see that he's teaching everything he uses daily. He's not holding back. If you want to improve your consistency as a day trader, this is a must take.



Don't waste your money in any other course. If you are on a tight budget this is the one if you want to be a day trader or swing trader.



Joining Mark's room already help me pay for the class and pay for the room fee. I think it is much much more than that. It is priceless.



Rest before class, there is so much information that you literally end up exhausted, but it's so interesting that you only realize when you finish. The course is worth 3 or 10 times what I paid.



I am sure I will earn more than $10k from what I learned and will continue to learn form Mark and this course over time.



Take the Newsbeat Master Class

LIVE Master Class Training ($995 Value)

Course video for repeat viewing

Complete course guide - the ultimate Melnick Method resource

JUST $995

MORE GREAT testimonials

And here are the results Mark delivers in the Newsbeat room. With this class, you learn how he does it!

He told us that there were two things that could cause a decline in the market, he described them and he said if you hear one of the two it is a very high conviction trade.

Well a few days later he said , remember what I said about high conviction? Well this is high conviction. I immediately when short with calls of SPY and DIA, made $48,000 in minutes.


Orlando, Florida

During the trial, I bought 100 shares ICPT during an earnings dip; made $900 in 2 days, which paid for the yearly subscription.



He suggested Puts on X. I bought 3/9/19 47 puts for $1.58, sold less than 5 minutes later for $3.00



Only today, I was able to use what I learned with Mark to make more than 10% investing up (CALL on AMZN) in this bear market.


Orlando, Florida

Mark's Algo Buster and unique way to call bottoms and tops makes things very easy for me.


Boston, Massachusetts

Mark's methodologies made an immediate and positive impact on my technical analysis and trading consistency.


San Francisco, California

My favorite thing about Newsbeat is that it's conceptually perfect in its design & execution, blending actionable news flow and precise technical levels.


Loved loved loved the class and learnt a lot... now excited to practice and use it in real time and excited about any future classes that Mark has to offer.

And thanks a lot to T3 and Mark for making this class so affordable that I didn't had to think twice about taking it...


So get in today and make the ultimate investment -- one in your ability to create your own high-probability trade ideas with this easy to learn method.

Get 'up money' in your trades and stop the frustrations.

Start your profit engine for just $995

Take the Newsbeat Master Class

LIVE Master Class Training ($995 Value)

Course video for repeat viewing

Complete course guide - the ultimate Melnick Method resource

JUST $995

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