Hit & Run Trading
A time-tested trading method with 35 years of results.
"Quite possibly the easiest way turn earn a predictable income from your trading account."
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But first...I'd like to introduce you to a former client of Jeff Cooper, Jim Cramer from CNBC and host of the show Mad Money.

"Jeff Cooper helped us deliver consistent 24% returns after all fees, year-after year..." (From the foreword of your free book & trading classic Hit and Run Trading)

Jeff can't promise results like these for everyone, but in the right hands, his Hit and Run Method is worth millions.

If you're looking for a predictable edge, today is your lucky day.

Jeff's Hit and Run method makes it easy to grow your trading account. Imagine looking over his shoulder and getting 3-5 actionable ideas each day. 

For a limited time you get both bonuses- the Hit & Run Trading book (hard cover) and the Hit & Run Video Series (online), when you start a new 30 day trial to Jeff's Newsletter -- Hit and Run Trading... for ONLY $19.

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From Current Hit and Run Subscribers:

RP short. banked $2 on a swing short. easy trade. minimal risk and no sweat. Several of his swing shorts have been on fire as we seem to be at the beginning of a correction. -Raj from Minnesota 

Jeff's analysis of all the current cycles coming to a head right now in Oct has been right on the money and helped me to hedge with uvxy. -Bob from Maine. 

The new private twitter feed is great! Love being able to get alerts on my
devices no matter where I am. -Steve from California
The Hit & Run Bundle: 3 ways to grow your trading account using the Hit & Run method
Bonus #1: Hit and Run Trading ($75 value)
The Short-Term Stock Trader's Bible (hard cover book)
** Previous retail price on Amazon $75. 

"I can honestly say that writing these books has proven to be a selfish endeavor.  I benefited more form the experience than many of you who will read the books.

Why? It is my experience, that when you teach it, you understand it more than when you learn it.

This endeavor forced me to identify concisely what I did day in and day out as a trader to make a living. 

Writing the books made me examine what really works and what doesn't. In short, it required me to make crystal clear my buy and sell rules.

The key to profitable buying and selling is to have a set of simple buy and sell rules that have shown a consistent edge over the past. That's what this book gives you"
Bonus #2: Hit and Run Video Training ($195 value)
"Since I'm not available for personal coaching, you're getting the next best thing. Full access to my all-new training videos. 

These short home-study videos explain my 13 Laws of Active Trading, and then move into a detailed lesson for each of my proven trading patterns."  - Jeff Cooper

The Hit and Run 2.0 video course gives you over 2 hours of video training with 20 actionable trading setups. 

Take the lessons from your Hit & Run Trading book, and then watch Jeff go into great detail explaining, teaching and showing case studies of how to best implement the Hit and Run methodology and setups.

With each video lesson you get a deeper conviction in Jeff's trade ideas so you never again place a trade with doubt or fear. 
 -Peter from Pennsylvania
Since 2007, I have followed Jeff and his work and his calls, especially his major contrarian calls, have been spot on. I vividly remember the first week of March 2009 when everyone else was calling for the end of the world, Jeff was unequivocally telling his readers that THE low was in.
The Hit & Run Newsletter: A time-tested and easy to follow daily service that generates steady winners and predictable cash flow, 
regardless of your trading experience.
In my experience, less is more. 

This makes it easier to make confident decisions. The key to profitable buying and selling is to have a set of patterns that have shown a consistent edge. 

That's what you get over the next 30 days.

You get my best trades, from start to finish, delivered by our private Twitter feed. This makes getting your updates an alerts easy to access by smart phone, tablet or iPhone.

The Hit & Run Newsletter gives you new trades, trade updates and market commentary. It's as good as sitting next to me.

Spend the next 30 days with me and get fully up to speed on the trades​ working RIGHT NOW, so that you can focus your time and energy only on what gives you a positive P&L each month

Start today for just $19, and get your 2 bonuses for free ($129/month value). 
-- No contracts, no commitments. 

An average month gets you up to 200 trade ideas. Plenty of time, different market conditions and proof of concept for you to see the value.

Morning Game Plan: Before the stock market opens you receive a complete game plan covering stocks, major commodities affecting the stock market and of course an update of the major indices.

Daily Market Report Intra-Day Updates: Types of updates: 
-- Buy triggers
-- Sell short triggers
-- Sell signals
-- Cover signals
-- Trading notes
-- Market updates

Jeff Cooper

I've spent the last 36 years as a full-time trader discovering the patterns that have consistently generated higher levels of income. I've traded for myself and generated ideas for hedge funds. Jim Cramer and his wife Karen were subscribers for years. That's why he graciously wrote the foreword to my first book HIT AND RUN TRADING. He saw first-hand the power of my ideas.
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