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The Futures on Fire Daily Process:

I’ll be trading 2 accounts/strategies, both focused on the four primary stock indices – S&P (ES, MES), Dow (YM, MYM) Nasdaq 100 (NQ, MNQ), Russell 2000 (RTY, M2K). We made trade some mini Gold, currencies, and crude if the participants ask for it.

During the pre-market, we cover KPP (key price points), overnight HL (high/low), developing value areas, POC (point of control), the economic calendar https://tradingeconomics.com/calendar, directional bias, and how the Dodgers and/or Raiders or Kings/Knights have faired on the most recent games/series.

I have a $150,000 account that I trade order flow market profile. This is mean reversion, day-swing trading. Strategy is called Range Trader.

I have a $10,000 account that I trade e-mini micros (exclusively for T3) using a VWAP trend following method called Stay In Your Lane. I will trade this account in DEMO. I will discourage any live trading until someone is profitable in DEMO using sizing for a $10K account for at least 90 days.

I will have my CurPos (current positions) and WO (working orders) displayed in the positions area within my platform. I will be using NinjaTrader 8 (which is free for the software but data is needed) and Tradovate Web (which costs about $100/mo with the data included).


I review new album releases and how much I won or lost on the golf course. I also talk about dogs a lot and encourage people to send photos of their trading set-up with a pet included.

People take action by following along with entries, exits, and trade management at any one of several demo accounts I’ll show them how to set-up.

Range Trades
rod casilly range trade

Range Trade: 

30 minute Order Flow Market Profile.

Traders will learn to read a volume histogram, determine short term trend, and understand volume distribution over a session.

Stay in Your Lane Trades
rod casilli stay in your lane

Stay In Your Lane Trade:  

These are modified renko bars that I named BrickWicks after the renko bricks with wicks displayed.  

Sell the first touch of the redline, targeting the yellow. Easy peasy Then buy the E-line, dotted gold with add at VWAP (green).

Rod-Casilli futures on fire

About Rod Casilli

Rod Casilli has been an active derivatives trader and automated strategy designer for over 20 years. Rod started his career at Merrill Lynch during the heyday of the tech speculation craze, spent time trading millions of shares of stock as a SOES bandit, and has held a variety of sales and marketing roles within financial services, enterprise, and start-up software.

Most recently, Rod was the Head of Product Management at Collective2, the world’s largest automated trading marketplace.

Mr. Casilli has a BA in English from the University of California. When not trading, he splits time with his dog Dodger between the beaches of L.A, wine country in Northern California, and the mountains outside Las Vegas.