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Successful Options Trader

Options Trading 360 with Brent Osachoff

Professional options trader (and former professional golfer) Brent Osachoff has partnered with T3 Live to reveal his most closely guarded options trading strategies.

Brent is the options trading genius you've never heard of. He preferred to stay in the shadows and work with his high net worth clients...

Until he couldn't take it anymore.

Something terrible is happening in options trading

Should you be worried? Yes. Absolutely.

If you're trading options for one of these three reasons, you should be terrified:

Limited Risk




Over 90% of new options traders say

"yes, this is why I'm trading options."

While options provide these advantages, the use of options for ONLY these 3 reasons will almost guarantee that you will eventually lose your money.

Yes, your risk is limited, but knowing how much you might lose is not very comforting when your chances of making money are slim.

So what do you do?

Put yourself on the winning side of the options trade.

Brent has pioneered a game-changing method called Options Trading 360. The process is a breakthrough that puts the odds in your favor before you place a trade.

The world of derivatives can seem complicated for newbies, especially options. If there is a thorough way to learn about them, this is it!

Let's let Brent explain...

Brent has systematically simplified various options trading strategies, making his trade ideas:

Easy to understand

Easy to execute the trade

Easy to manage the trade

He includes everything about options: types, strategies, formulas, pricing, Greeks, etc. Since, the details can seem overwhelming to some, he uses simple language to make things easy. 

In the world of options trading, basic calls and puts are in every strategy, whether simple or advanced.

Here's a recent example of an Options 360 trade from start to finish.

Sample - Options 360: CVS Trade

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Introducing Options 360

Options 360 with Brent Osachoff provides comprehensive options trades, detailed training videos related to each trade, and trade updates. Each issue arrives at your inbox on the first Monday of each month.

An annual (12 month) subscription is just $49.

Each issue is organized with instructional material at the beginning of each trade, followed by advanced explanations for correctly implementing the strategies and tactics . 

Brent stays focused on his purpose as expressed in the title "Options 360" of how option strategies can be used for various purposes in a portfolio, not just techniques to apply mechanically. 

Each options trade includes charts, screenshots, and videos that are designed to increase your comprehension and conviction in the trade.

This annual newsletter is very comprehensive and covers material suitable for the professional or very advanced trader, in addition to basic concepts. 

The video archive also serves as a great reference for future use and continuing education.

Two-Part Video Series

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