Why Gold Will Explode


GLD struck an important low of 168.30 on October 5, 2023

1)      We are 90 days/degrees from that low today.

Legendary market operator wrote that markets play out in these natural 90 degree divisions of the year.

2)      GLD is working on a bullish 3rd higher low if it holds above its December low.

W D Gann wrote that strong rallies often times occur from 3rd higher lows.

3)      GLD is tracing out a potentially bullish Cup and Handle.

4)      The Handle is testing a Bottoms Line (blue) from the October low.

From the October 168.30 low 180 degrees up is 196.

GLD struck a high of 192.39 on Dec 1. Close enough to satisfy the criteria for a pause/pullback.

Notice that the recent December peak was 193.18. Wow.

GLD has been carving out an A B C Pullback since that 180 degree harmonic was satisfied.

In sum, GLD is working on the C Wave of its correction/consolidation.

When this correction ends and we get upside momentum, GLD will enter the heart of a powerful 3rd wave advance which will also trigger a Rule of 4 Breakout clearing the 3 point Tops Line from early May 2023, December 1 2023 and 12/27/2023.

Accelerated momentum will be produced as GLD comes out of its Cup and Handle in tandem with triggering a Rule Of 4 Breakout over 193.

Clearing 196 will trigger a fast move to 360 degrees up from 168.

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