How to Use the Square of 9 for Profitable Day Trading


UPST has been part of the Tech Catch-Up Trade that went vertical in May.

On Tuesday on the Hit And Run Private Twitter Feed we flagged 30 as resistance on UPST.

30 is 360 degrees up from the 12 low struck on May 3rd.

UPST hit 29.99 in the first 30 minutes on Tuesday dropping to 25.91 on the runoff.

90 degrees down from 30 is 25.


Also on Tuesday, May 23, we alerted a short setup on SYK.

See SYK tweets here:

In summation, combining pattern setups with the Square of 9 Wheel of Time & Price is a proven way every day to profit trading stocks and measuring risk as well as defining turning points in the market.

If you can’t measure risk, you can’t manage risk.

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