What Does The Law Of Vibration Say About Gold Now?


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“The soul never thinks without an image.” Aristotle

Price is sensitive to past levels of professional accumulation and distribution.

The market has a memory of where these inflection points occur in time and price like a rock thrown into

Pond, ripples emanate from these impulses.


The key to the Square of 9 Wheel is that it measures time, and it measures price, but its true power lies in that it integrates time and price.

When time becomes price and price becomes time, trend changes.

W D Gann often spoke of a Law of Vibration.

When time and price vibrate on the same octave, they become one and the same.

Let’s take a look at an example based on gold.

In September 1869, there was panic around an attempt by Jay Gould to corner the gold market that turned into a Depression.

60 years later, Gann’s Master Time Cycle was the panic in the fall of 1929.

What does that have to do with gold today?

From 1869 to 2022 is 153 years.

The Square of 9 below shows if I anchor “0” to the number 153 it “points” to September…September 3rd to be exact, the peak in 1929– 60 years from the Gould Gold Panic (interesting the vibration with Gould’s name and Gold).

At the same time note that 153 aligns with 1047, the major low in gold in December 2015.

Early September sets ups as a major time pivot.

I don’t know what “news-events” may act as a catalyst then– if any that will act as a market mover, but mark your calendar.

As well, interestingly, when I anchor the “Zero Point” on 1869 for the YEAR 1869 it vectors/vibrates off September 29th which was the panic 60 geometric years later in 1929.

The Bretton Woods system was drawn up and fixed the dollar to gold at the existing parity of US $35 per ounce.

On the Sq of 9 below, notice how 35 aligns with 252, the 19-year bear market low in 1999.

On the same line is 1921, the major bull market high in 2011.

From 1999 to the high in 2011 is 144 months or 12 SQUARED months.

Another 144 months from 2011 is 2023.

2022 set to see the bottom prior to panic gold buying in gold by 2023.

Let’s take a look at geometry in the markets in the current time frame.

90 geometric years ago, in early July, the market bottomed following the horrific crash in 1929.

It was July 8th to be precise.

Did the market just respond to this geometry with a 4-day win streak–the largest since the March 29th peak?

Late June/early July set up as a big turning point as well because July 4th is 180 geometric days/degrees from the January 4th all-time SPX high.

Tuesday was the first trading day since July 4th and the market got legs.

Late June was 90 days/degrees from the March 29th peak.

In sum, people think in images and pictures.

My take is that these patterns in the market cobbled out by price are driven by the Wheels Of Time.

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