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Silver Streak Sequel?


Two of the leading silver stocks, AG and PAAS, had big days on Wednesday.

They didn’t run out of the gate.

The rubber band was pulled back before they took off.

PAAS cleared the Breakaway Gap to the downside from early February.

AG is challenging the open gap.

After hours it was trading up to 21.

This morning, the miners are pulling back. It will be interesting to see how they close as there are buyers on every dip following the early Feb reversal.

This represents a conspicuous change in character in the silver miners.

Typically, when you see a large range reversal like we witnessed in early February, it marks a long consolidation or even the start of a bear trend.

But AG and PAAS are in a position to attack their early February reversals.

Clearing those highs will trigger a bullish Reversal of a Reversal pattern or what I call a Keyser Soze…

Because fast moves follow false moves.

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