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How To Project Price Targets, A Deep Dive In VUZI


Hit & Run members have had several swing trades in VUZI in 2021.

Today should be interesting as Friday it came out of “high-hat” Handle of a Cup & Handle, closing at a new record high.

This morning, it is following through on reports that Cathie Wood has been buying.

Measuring from the impulse on 4.12 on December 12 we get a projection to 20.60 on my Square of 9 Wheel.

Allow me to explain.

With low-priced stocks, I move the decimal point to get higher frequency vibrations.

So 4.12 becomes 41.

The Square of 9 Wheel below shows that 4 cycles of revs of 360 degrees up from 41 is 206.

Moving the decimal back gives 20.6.

Green is 41
Red is 206

Pre-market today, Feb 22, VUZI is trading up 3 points in the 20.60 region.

With this morning’s strength, VUZI shows a POSSIBLE 3 drives to an interim high over the last 2 months.

So I am trimming here. If VUZI clears 20.60 decisively, it opens the door to higher prices.

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