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Hot IPO Combo Continuation Signals


The Hit & Run Nightly Stock Report for February 9 (actionable for Feb 10) flagged the long setup on UPST.

The following daily UPST shows the setup with the projection to the 106 region.

Although they look like a bolt out of the blue, typically explosive setups click into gear day by day, like a Rubik’s Cube… all of a sudden, everything lines up.

On February 5, UPST went into my Plus One/Minus Two buy positon.

This is because the 3 Day Chart was pointing up and UPST traced out 2 consecutive lower daily intraday lows.

The next day, UPST carved out an NR 7 Volatility Contraction Day.

When a stock presents multiple signals, the odds are enhanced for a setup following through successfully.

UPST came out on Tuesday, the 9th, and we used it in the Nightly Report as a long.

It exploded on Wednesday and Thursday it extended, hitting our target where we suggested members of the Hit & Run Private Twitter Feed sell into strength.

In addition to 106 being the top of a trend channel, allow me to explain how I arrive at 106 using my Square of 9 Wheel.

I start with the last big swing low of 53.

The square of 9 below shows that 540 degrees up from 53 is 106.

540 degrees is a unique measure of price being a true square, a cube.

Red is 53
Blue is 106.50
Green is December 16

As well, notice that Dec 16, the date of UPST’s IPO, is square 106.50.

Putting the pieces together of Time, Price & Pattern is how we capitalize on the growth glamours we traffic in at Hit & Run.

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