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AYRO, The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese


The following daily AYRO shows a large range bar off its 50 day moving average on January 26 leaving an Expansion Range Pivot buy signal… the largest move in 10 days above (or below in the case of a sell) the important 50 day line.

There was no immediate follow through. However there was an expansion in volume on January 26.

My presumption was the buyer would be back.

On Tuesday’s Hit & Run Private Twitter Feed I noted that AYRO looked ready to come out of its consolidation.


Allow me to explain.

Monday, AYRO left an NR 7 Volatility Contraction Day implying a strong move was coming.

On Tuesday, AYRO was working on an outside up day when I tweeted it looked ready.

On Wednesday, AYRO exploded 3 points or more than 30% when it cleared its morning high.

As AYRO came out, we tweeted the following projections:

AYRO knifed through one level after the other, striking a high of 11.50.

See Square of 9 here

Red is 54 and 87
Green is 107
Blue is 117

AYRO struck a low of 5.45 on Dec 14.

When dealing with low-priced stocks it helps to move the decimal point to get more accurate vibrations/frequencies.

Doing so gives us 54.

The following Square of 9 shows that 8.70 is 360 degrees or 1 square up from 54.

97 for 9.70 is the next 90 degree decrement up.

The next 90 degree square higher is 107 for 10.70.

When AYRO cleared 10.70, it exploded toward the next square up at 117 or 11.70.

The Square of 9 is the true market algorithm.

Even the legendary dyed in the wool fundamentalist John Templeton stated that one of his investing secrets was following stock price fluctuations as proportional to the square root of its highs and lows.

This is the power of the unique Square of 9 Wheel of Time & Price.

If you want to learn how to identify highs and lows and create targets with my Square of 9 Wheel, now is the time to join Hit & Run.

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