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Why I Want You To Get On Board the Hit & Run Train


Hit & Run members have been crushing it in small names like FUBOEHEOSEUPSTBLNKAQBPANDFLGT and FUTU.

But let’s be honest, let’s not confuse brains with late stage runaway bull market action.

Euphoria has permeated the tape, causing stocks to explode 10 and 20% up and down in a day… if you know where to look and what to look for.

The old generals like FBAAPL and AMZN have left the battlefield while the small cap stocks fight for king of the mountain — especially in the alternative energy, autonomous EV space.

The trick to catching explosive moves is twofold:

1) To suspend your disbelief… to believe what price is saying… for the moment.

2) To stalk your prey and wait for a sign of momentum.

That’s how Hit & Run members were ready to pounce on FUBO on Tuesday.

Allow me to explain.

The following daily FUBO shows the rocket from 10 to 60.

A deep pullback was the normal expectation given the 6 fold advance in two months.

Once FUBO lost its 20 day moving average, the presumption was Moving Average Pinball was on the table with a test of its 50 day moving average.

FUBO undercut its 50 day line on January 4, striking 23.15 before closing at 24.24.

This 23-24 region is an important 540 degrees down from the 52 high.

As students of my Square of 9 Wheel understand, 540 degrees is a key measure of price and time.

Red is 63
23.50 is straight across and opposite (360 degrees + 180 degrees down)

Notice that 34 is 360 degrees, or one full square down from 62.

So there were multiple reasons to be stalking FUBO from 24.

1) It struck its 50 day line and consolidated.

2) The fast move down subsided.

3) It satisfied a key 540 degree decline.

Taken together, this put FUBO on the long radar.

On Monday, FUBO tipped its hand.

The following 10 min FUBO shows it caught a bid on Monday and pulled back, carving out a micro Bull Flag.

When FUBO gapped up on Tuesday, my thinking was the second mouse would get the cheese and I tweeted out the following on the Hit & Run Private Twitter Feed.

Following an intraday A B C correction we tweeted that if FUBO cleared its morning high, it would run.

A Late Day Breakout (LDBO) saw FUBO knife through the aforesaid 34 square and its overhead 20 day line.

This opened the door to the next 90 degree square higher at 40.

On Wednesday, pre-market, FUBO is trading at 39.

In sum, combining pattern recognition with my Square of 9 Wheel is a sure-fire method for capturing explosive gains.

It’s time to look for the next Hit & Run play. Next.

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