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Why Silver Miner AG Is Targeting A 100% Advance


AG is one of my favorite silver miners.

On Monday it gapped open to kiss its August 14.57 high and has pulled back, leaving a Plus One/Minus Two buy setup on the dailies.

The following monthly AG shows Monday’s surge was a breakout above a 4 year trendline.

Actually, if you extend the trendline back you will see that it also ties to the big 2011 peak.

Consequently, AG is on the cusp of a MONTHLY Rule of 4 Breakout.

Notice, too, that this Rule of 4 Breakout ties to the top of a 4 year trendchannel.

Follow through projects to the 27 region, roughly 100% up from here.

This was the April 2011 peak, 10 years or 120 months from now.

Cycles suggest the Line of Least Resistance is higher, perhaps strongly so, this quarter.

As well, AG has carved out a bullish Stein & Handle pattern on its monthlies.

This, too, backstops the idea of a powerful advance.

Let’s checkout AG on my Square of 9 Time & Price Calculator.

AG rallied from a low of 9.33 in late September.

9.33 is blue.

Notice that 26 is 360 degrees up or one full rev of 360 degrees… one full square up.

This ties to the 2011 bull market top.

90 degrees up from 9.33 is 13, red.

AG has cleared 13 with authority, projecting to the next 90 degree decrement higher which is 17.50, green.

Notice that 17.50 is 180 degrees down from the big 26/27 all-time high and 180 straight across and opposite the 9.33 low.

Clearing 17.50 opens the door for a potential runaway move to the 26 record high.


Because of the pattern. Follow through above the 10 year declining trendline and the monthly Stein & Handle point to the prospect for a powerful advance.

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