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FSLY, Pin Action to 85?


The following FSLY shows the 360 price drop from 136.50 to 62.19.

Allow me to explain.

On something called a Square of 9 Wheel, which measures the true natural spiral progression of price movement, you can see that 62 (green) is two rungs below, two SQUARES below, 136.

Hence, the Square of 9 Wheel solves the enigma of squaring the circle as ONE full squares around is a 360 degree move.

Red is 136.50
Blue is 60
Purple is square at 85-87

Stocks don’t move in a linear fashion. They saw-tooth in keeping with their Line of Least Resistance in 90 degree squares.

Measuring up from the October 30 low at 62 gives the following 90 degree decrements:

180 degrees up from the 62 low is 78.50.

270 degrees up is 87.50

360 degrees up is 97.

FSLY turned its 3 Day Chart up directly off its low by tracing out 3 consecutive higher daily highs.

A successful test played out on November 10 when FSLY turned it 3 Day Chart back down.

Constructively that turndown defined an immediate low.

It was a chance in character in FSLY’s price action.

FSLY went on to rally turning its 3 Day Chart right back up again on November 13.

A ONE DAY pullback played leaving a Holy Grail buy signal — a test of its 20 day moving average.

On Wednesday, FSLY reclaimed 78.50 with authority. As noted above, 78.50 is 3 squares up 270 degrees from the 62 low.

This put FSLY in a stronger position opening the door for an extension to the next square up at 87, which ties to the overhead 50 day moving average.

The takeaway is FSLY sees Pin Action that tickles the 85 strike on a drive to its overhead 50 day line and a Leading Diagonal (point A).

Subscribers have been buying pullbacks in FSLY all week, taking cues from the Hit & Run private Twitter feed.

Wednesday we took another swing at 80 trimming half at 81.75 region.

It will be interesting to see if it gets magnetized to the 85 strike into Friday’s monthly Opex.


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