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How To Identify An Explosive Move Before It Happens: Breaking Down NET


On Friday, NET left an Expansion Breakout/180 Combo buy setup: the largest range in 10 days to a new 60 day high.

As well, it closed near session lows on Thursday and closed at/near the high on Friday.

Just after Monday’s open, we alerted members on the Hit & Run private Twitter feed to NET’s follow through.

The following 10 minute NET shows the opening spike, which led to a Gap & Go ORB (Opening Range Breakout).

The ORB elicited a quick 3 point play from which the first intraday pullback offered a buying opportunity.

We tweeted that NET projected to 58.

Here’s why it projected to 58+.

The prior swing low from Sept 8 was 32.69.

On the Square of 9 Wheel, 360 degrees up from 32 gives 58-59.

In sum, having a projection based on the Principal of Squares is a good thing when a stock is vertical.

It provides the confidence to capitalize on momentum.

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