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Putting A Spin On PTON: What Does the Square of 9 Indicate?


Below is a daily PTON since its September 26, 2019 IPO.

PTON blew out earnings last night.

It dropped to 81 after reporting, then zoomed to 94.

This morning pre-market it's trading at 99.

Up from a pullback low of 72 last Friday, is PTON a buy or a sell into strength?

The Principle of Squares and the Square of 9 offers some insight.

PTON bottom at 17.70 in March represented by the blue arrow on the Square of 9 below.

3 cycles of 360 degrees or 3 squares up from 17.70 is 102-103.

Checking the other numbers on the same alignment, 38 and 66, prove the potential significance of this 102-103 region.

The first high off the March low was 38.

This represented a more than 100% move in just 23 trading days.

PTON pulled back a quick 20%.

Next, PTON ramped to 68, just overthrowing the 66 “square” before pulling back to 58.

58 was the last swing low prior to a vertical push.

Notice on the above image, the number 58 is square the line of vibration that aligns with all the important numbers on PTON’s trajectory since March.

It is also fascinating to note that following its IPO on September 26, 2019, PTON peaked at 37 on December 2, 2019.

37 ties to the 38 square on the above square of 9.

The bottom line is PTON is spiking into a potential important Time/Price square-out on the 360 degree, one year cycle from the September 26 IPO.

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