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Where Is GDXJ Going?


Since the summer of 2018, my expectation was for a surge in the precious metals.

Our expectation was validated by the breakout in June 2019 when Hit & Run members bought GDXJ and calls in GLD.

Now what?

The following GDXJ monthly shows two major breakouts.

GDXJ initially broke out of a 4 year Cup & Handle in February but plunged with everything else in March.

However in May, the second mouse, the second breakout got the cheese for the gold bulls with a second breakout above the blue horizontal trendline.

This month GDXJ cleared a declining trendline from its all time 180 high in December 2010.

Yesterday we showed the following Square of 9 Wheel price harmonics.

19.50/41/70 red
54 green
178 purple

From the 19.50 March low 1 square of 360 degrees up is 41 (red).

Another 360 degrees up is 70.

Notice that 180 degrees straight across and opposite 19.50 and 41 is 54.

GDXJ broke out above 54 on July 17 and ripped 9 points in 7 sessions.


Clearing 54 with authority signals continuation to 70 over coming weeks according to the Principle of Squares.

Notice that 70 ties to the first breakdown low in JULY 2012.

It looks like GDXJ has blue sky between here and 70.

Notice on the above Square of 9 that 70 aligns with/squares out with September, the historic prior high in gold.

Notice also that all the numbers GDXJ has been vibrating to also align with 178 (purple) which ties to GDXJ’s all-time 180 high.

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