The Same Patterns Play Out on Multiple Time Frames

The BYND 10 min below is a good example of how patterns play out on the same time frames.

If you’re a swing trader who focuses on the weekly and dailies, you need to look at the 10 min and hourly patterns.

Likewise, if you’re a day trader and focus on the 10 min and hourlies, you need to pull the lens back to look at the weeklies.

BYND triggered a micro Rule of 4 Breakout (green) on a stab through a declining 10 min trendline… bullishly, it occurred on a gap for a Breakaway Gap (bullish).

It triggered a micro Head & Shoulders sell signal (red) on Wednesday, which we alerted members to on the Hit & Run private Twitter feed at that time.

Today, BYND is attempting to recapture the declining trendline in the 120 region. If successful, it could propel it to the 130 area.