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Is AAPL the Market’s William Tell?

With the Fed’s persistent low interest rate policy forcing investors and money managers alike into stocks, I can’t help but wonder if the AAPL of the bull's eye has not become a de facto money market fund.

Essentially an equity that is perceived as riskless.

AAPL has gone parabolic since clearing its 2018 peak.

Its parabolic arc reflects a paranormal sense of risklessness.

AAPL triggered a Rule of 4 Breakout (breakage above a 3 point trendline) in early October, which coincided with a breakout over last years highs and set the pace for the market’s runaway move.

However, now AAPL shows what may be climatic behavior in overthrowing the top of a trend channel.

Notice this is the same behavior that put in a top in September 2018 prior to a Gann-like 90 point drop.

On Friday, AAPL struck a new all-time high of 312.57.

Maybe something, maybe nothing, but on my Square of 9 Wheel, 312-313 is opposition January 11.

The red arrow is 312-313
The blue arrow is Jan 11

It will be interesting to see if AAPL respects this possible time/price square-out as it may be a William Tell moment for the market.

This is because at its early October 232-233 false breakout top, AAPL also showed a time/price square-out as well: 232 conjuncts/aligns with AAPL’s October 3 high in 2018.

The red arrow is October 3
The blue arrow is 232

Conclusion. AAPL broke out of a little shelf on Wednesday on a gap and tailed off on Friday with the market.

Trade below the open gap at 303 with follow through below Wednesday’s outside up day low of 297.15 indicates a change in trend — at least in the short term.