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Mark Melnick’s Greatest Hits Volume 3: What Kind of Trader Are You?

Mark Melnick’s goal is to make you a better trader through a unique mix of mindset hacks and actionable tactics

He has hundreds of educational videos focusing on this goal…

Here are five of his best lessons. 

(To see his other greatest hits, check out Volume 1 and Volume 2)

1. What Kind of Trader Are You?

Trading psychology is key to success… and for good reason. 

In this video, Mark discusses the multiple personality types of traders, and matches each to the proper trading style.

2. Why I Think AMRN Will Explode Higher

On Monday, November 11, Mark predicted that AMRN would jump higher by the end of the week.

The stock jumped up 37%. 

Watch this video and learn what led to this prediction, and more importantly — how you can get ahead of major movements 

3. The 5-Minute FOMO Solution

Being able to control your emotions as a trader is crucial; a negative mindset can destroy a trading career.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is particularly harmful, which is why Mark Melnick developed a quick and easy solution to overcoming FOMO. 

4. 3 Rules for Trading a Dull Market

Traders cannot control the movement of a market, and therefore must learn how to adapt to many different environments.

Many people think they won’t be able to profit off of a dull market, but Mark knows how to turn market lemons into lemonade. 

5. S.E.E. Earnings Strategy: Know Your Limit 21

Many traders believe that they need to be losing money before they start re-evaluating the strategies that they use, but staying ahead of the curve can help to avoid the unpredictable movement of the market.