Red October Part 2: Why It’s Time to Be Cautious

On September 28, 2018, Jeff Cooper predicted a Red October.

The market got rocked, and Hit and Run subscribers made out big.

A sequel may hit soon:

In this video, Jeff explains:

  • Why caution is warranted right now
  • The significant of yesterday's large-range decline
  • Why this particular time of year is very important (hint: ties to 1929 and 1987)
  • The 3 strikes in the domino setup Jeff sees in the SPX
  • October's dark history of volatility spikes
  • The levels that absolutely need to hold now
  • Where markets could fall if real trouble hits the market

If you're happily bullish on the market, you may want to check out Jeff's alternative point of view.

Because as Jeff says, “false  moves lead to fast moves.”

And things look really false…