3 Ways I Use VWAP in My Trading


VWAP is a hot topic in trading.

Ifan Wei breaks down VWAP in plain English, and shares the 3 ways he uses VWAP in his trading:

In this video, Ifan explains:

  • What VWAP exactly is, and how it changes throughout the day
  • How he uses VWAP to spot supply-demand imbalances
  • How trend traders can use VWAP to help find long and short entries
  • Tricks for using VWAP to spot support and resistance
  • How to spot stocks that find equilibrium, and why these names should be avoided

We encourage you to watch this full video.

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion over what VWAP really means, but Ifan breaks it down into simple, actionable concepts you can actually use.