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How to Size Futures Trades Using ‘Strength of Signal”


One of the biggest questions futures traders ask is "how should I size my trades?"

In less than 5 minutes, you'll get a crash course in a unique method for sizing trades.

In this video, Rod Casilli explains:

  • How he systematically sizes his trades up and down
  • How his "Strength of Signal" system works
  • How he determines signal strength using Trend Lines, Volatility Bands, and Color Rotations
  • Signal Stacking, which is the real determinant of trade size

So if you're been wondering when it's time to get big, and when it's time to get small -- this is the video for you.

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Brian Austry says September 21, 2019

very helpful Rod, was that the SPY chart, nice hammer at the Tline.

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