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Mark Melnick’s Greatest Hits Volume 2: One and Done 6.0!

Mark Melnick's Greatest Hits Volume 1 was, well, a great hit!

So we're back with 5 more of Mark's best trading lessons out of the hundreds he's taught in the past few years.

Let's jump right in:

1) One and Done 6.0: A Top Trading Strategy, Evolved

Want to make money? Then don't ask, “what's the best strategy?”

Instead, ask “what's the best strategy for RIGHT NOW?”

And what's working now? The One and Done, Version 6.0.

2) Why It’s Time to Buy IMMEDIATELY

On September 10, 2019, Mark Melnick made the call to buy — right ahead of a massive surge in the market.

But it wasn't a bold call.

It was actually the easiest call in the world… if you took 10 minutes to do the homework.

Mark was the only person that did…

3) Are You Afraid of Making Money?

We've all heard about the fear of failure.

But are you afraid of success? The answer is…. probably yes.

Watch this video, and learn to overcome a fear you may not know you have.

4) The Dirtiest 4-Letter Word in Trading

Tilting may be the #1 killer of your P&L.

You've probably done it yourself.

And Mark Melnick is here to end it for good.

5) How to Be Right 90% of the Time and Still Lose Money

It is possible to be right 90% of the time and lose.

Learn why — and how — you can avoid this fate.

To succeed, you must combine a high win rate and a solid P&L per trade.