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Prospect Theory: Understanding the Emotional Highs and Lows of Trading


As a trader, you strive to be robotically calm as you trade.

But, you can't help it: emotions affect you every day.

Awareness of fluctuations in your personal emotional state can be just as important – if not more important –  than your awareness of price movement and the market environment.

That's where Prospect Theory come in. Ifan Wei explains how you can learn to trad past your emotions. Watch now:

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RICHARD says August 23, 2019

second day watching. i am 40 yr trader. still learning. I like philosophy of no hard stops , only time based . I am actually using a form of this currently. Would like the 30 day trial. How to enter ? was not bored. usually leave a room 5- 10 minutes a Day Trader. looking forward to hear u re Day Trading

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